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    Is Sheriff Norris Conservative or RINO?

    When Sheriff Mack of CSPOA spoke at Altar Church in April, he explained the importance of having a “Constitutional Sheriff” as a last defense against Federal over-reach.   Most Americans are aware that they are subject to ill-conceived regulations imposed by rogue government agencies, but few understand the role of sheriffs in preventing enforcement of unconstitutional laws.  

    There was little controversy at the event until Mack endorsed Dan Wilson for sheriff, rather than Bob Norris who has significantly more Law Enforcement experience.  This came as a surpise to many of Norris's supporters, who do not understand why Mack favored a less experienced candidate. 

    But a close look at Norris's career and associations shows that he does not have the outlook of a constitutional sheriff, and his record shows that he is not a true conservative.  For these reasons, Norris's critics do not believe that he has the independent frame of mind necessary to stand up the greatest threat to the liberty of the people of Kootenai County—the Federal Government.  

    In a previous article, "Is Sheriff Norris a Freemason?" we addressed the problem of Norris's involvement with fraternal orders.   In this article, we discuss past associations that call his conservative credentials into question.     

    Some of the topics discussed include:  Community Oriented PolicingMossadDHSJailsFOPAt Risk YouthIllegal Immigrants,  and Special Deputies.   We have provided links to relevant articles, so people can research Norris's commitment to conservative principles for themselves.


    “Community Policing” is NOT Conservative.

    Rather than responding to crime only after it occurs, community policing encourages agencies to proactively develop solutions to the underlying conditions contributing to public safety problems.”

    Norris’ website claims he is "a supporter of Community-based Policing" and has "seen first-hand the benefits of crime reduction through proactive community policing."   

    "Community Policing" is presented as a way to improve communication between police and the citizens they protect,  but what it really is, is a left-wing, sugar-coated scheme to expand, federalize, and neuter local law-enforcement, run by the very corrupt Department of Justice.  The DOJ's COPS program was put into place by Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill of 1994, and every year it hands out hundreds of millions of dollars in grants  to local police departments, intended to transform policing, facilitate data-sharing with federal agencies, and enforce Democratic priorities, such as DEI.   

    Community Policing expands the mission of law enforcement by promoting dubious crime prevention programs and conflating "public safety" with "social services."  Even worse, COPS encourages unnecessary surveillance of law-abiding citizens and gives FAKE Republican RINOs an excuse to increase funding for social services and bloated L.E. budgets under conservative cover.  

    One of the most obvious examples of COPS policies gone awry is in Los Angeles county, where Norris served for 30 years, so he has no excuse for failing to understand the negative effects of the program.  Right now, LASO's “Deputy Gangs,”  are an enormous problem and they are a direct result of two decades of “Community Policing,” by which LASO sought to “build trust” in “at risk” communities, by hiring “diverse” deputies with “connections to the community”.  

    Now Deputy gangs are so out-of-control that Civil Rights attorneys say that the “next step will be federal litigation. . .and oversight by a Federal Judge.”    Federal Oversight of local law enforcement agencies has always been the objective of "Community Oriented Policing", and it is precisely what those who favor conservative, "Constitutional Sheriffs" seek to prevent. 


    Training with Mossad is NOT Conservative.

    Norris’ website claims he “Held a Top Secret SCI . . managed resources from federal agencies such as FBI, CIA, and DOJ . . .and trained in Israel with Mossad (CIA equivalent), and Shin Bet (FBI equivalent)."

    This is far from reassuring to those of us who see the CIA, FBI, and Mossad as part of a horrifyingly corrupt globalist gestapo.  Yet Norris supporters claim that training with an ultra-corrupt, militarized, globalist, espionage agency, is totally normal, and nothing to worry about.  

    Even more worrying than “training with Mossad” is normalizing local law enforcement relations with a global spy network famous for infiltration, blackmail, and psyops.  So the fact that Norris proudly lists his instruction with Mossad as one of his qualifications, instead of distancing himself from such a dubious and dangerous intelligence agency gives us pause.  


    Collaborating with DHS is NOT Conservative. 

    Norris spent several years on an “Elite L.E. Team” at the Joint Regional Intelligence Center,  in the decade following 9-11.    The JRIC was in one of the first federally funded Fusion Centers,  created by the Dept. of Homeland Security to protect us from terrorist threats.  However, the real purpose of the DHS Fusion Centers was to promote information sharing and centralized data collection between federal agencies (FBI, DHS, DOJ, etc.), and local law enforcement.  And a secondary purpose was to produce federally administered "emergency management" plans (FEMA) in case of natural or man-made disasters.  

    Like Community policing, the real objective of DHS Fusion centers is to federalize local law enforcement.  However, instead of bloating police budgets with left-wing community service and DEI programs, DHS centers work to centralize  law enforcement data collection and to promote unaccountable federal control over “regional” disasters.  (Ask Maui residents how that worked out for them). 

    Yet Norris proudly touts his affilation with DHS and his experience working with the FBI, FEMA, and DOJ as qualifications for office.  A thirty year career of developing close working relationships with federal law enforcement agencies is not conservative. 


    Building More Jails is Not Conservative

    Norris frequently requests more money to expand the Kootenai County Jail, even though crime rates are relatively flat and the majority of inmates are non-violent.  Advocating for higher taxes, more staff, and bigger L.E. budgets so the county can house more non-violent offenders (mostly drug users), is not conservative.     

    "The United States has 1,566 state prisons, which house over 1.9 million people. The US also has 98 federal prisons, 3,116 local jails, and other correctional facilities. The US has the largest prison system in the world, with 20% of the world's incarcerated people despite only having 5% of the world's population."    Mass Incarceration: 2024

    The massive increase in the incarceration rates of Americans over the last thirty years has everything to do with the so called "war on drugs", and the 1994 Crime bill that provided federal funds for jails and prisons. Tens of thousands of jail cells have been built in recent decades at an enormous cost to taxpayers, and they have been kept full by irrational and unjust drug policies, manadatory minimum sentencing laws, backed-up court systems, and self-defeating parole regulations. 

    Running prisons and mismanaging America's drug problems are big business, and are effective ways to increase the size of government and destroy communities, even in conservative states.  Kootenai County should consider alternatives to incarceration, especially for non-violent offenders and parole violators, before embarking on ambitious plans to permanently increase jail capacity. 

    The truth is, the incidence of violent crimes has been relatively flat in Kootenai county for many years, even with a significant increase in population.  There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that most of the people moving to the area are retirees or upper middle class--not criminals,  and unless the Federal government purposefully imports illegal aliens and drug addicted indigents to the region, by way of H-2 Visas and LIHTC housing, there is no reason crime rates should not stay low.       


    The Fraternal Order of Police is Not Conservative

    One of the Masonic linked organizations that Norris sought an endorsement from is the Fraternal Order of Police, a leftist-globalist Police Union that promotes every imaginable big-government program related to Law Enforcement, and lobbies for more federal involvement in "public safety".

    Like all public service unions, FOP is left-wing Democratic at its core, and focuses most of its energies on lobbying for more taxpayer financed benefits for L.E., rather than addressing internal problems.  If FOP was a true advocate of effective law enforcement, the police departments in all major cities would not be a complete wreck, and Federal law enforcement agencies would not be notoriously corrupt.

    The true allegiances of the KC Sheriff's Deputy's Association- FOP became clear when the KCRCC failed to endorse FOPs preferred, Mattare-annointed candidates for commissioner, and the group immediately aligned itself with, NIR-RINOs even in Precinct races. In truth FOP is a far-left, globalist, big government, lobbying organization, and their endorsement of Norris tells us all we need to know about his true political affiliation.

    The FOP of course, is associated with Freemasonry, a notorious globalist secret society with a 200 year history of corrupting criminal justice, from police and peace officers to jailers and judges. Norris has several other connections to Masonic linked organizations besides the FOP and he does not appear to see a problem with Masonry.  This seems to indicate that he is either "in on it", or clueless about the bad influence of fraternal organizations on Law Enforcement.  Neither is a good look for a chief law enforcement officer, or the sign of a constitional sheriff. 

    The article Is Sheriff Norris a Freemason”, provides an overview of the FOP's connections to Masonry.  It also explains the problems with Freemasonry and Norris's connections to it.   Freemasonry and its satellite organizations, including FOP are not conservative. 


    Federal Programs for “At Risk Youth” are NOT Conservative.

    Not only does Norris claims to have “implemented, supervised and managed programs for at-risk youth”—he has publicly endorsed overtly left-wing programs such as :  Fight Crime: Invest in Kids  that promote Federal interference in Early Childhood Education.

    "Fight Crime: Invest in Kids” is not a conservative cause. It is a BIG GOVERNMENT, globalist advocacy group, promoted by the Council for a Strong America, that bribes L.E. organizations to shill for federally funded social services and early childhood education.

    Programs such as Fight Crime: Invest in Kids go hand in hand with “community policing” are another way to trick conservatives into supporting Federal interference in child-rearing and education, under the guise of promoting "Law and Order".


    Supporting H2 Guest Worker Visa’s is Not Conservative

    In his March 28 Testimony in favor of a bill to provide “more tools to combat illegal immigration”, Sheriff Norris prefaced his remark by this statement:

    “We need to make it comfortable for people who come here legally, and very uncomfortable for people who come here illegally.   I'm very much in support of the H-1, H-2A,  H-2B (guest worker) programs that the federal government has.  We have many employers that take advantage of them."   (Beginning at 3:00 timestamp)

    Although Norris wants KC residents to believe he opposes illegal immigration, it is precisely programs such as H-2 Visas,that enable illegal immigration. And what is worse, they are used almost exclusively by large corporations that seek to hire low wage, replaceable serfs for “jobs Americans won’t do.”    So why does he favor them?   

    Well it just so happens that Terry Forester, one of the primary donors to the Sheriff's helicopter project is the owner of Labor Consultant's International,  a company that provides these H-2 Visas to Idaho corporations. 

    So now we know why Norris supports H-2 visa for foreign labor, and we know why Terry Forrester supports the Sherrif’s Helicopter.  Keeping Idaho companies stocked with cheap, foreign labor, and selling out your constituents, is not conservative.


    Demanding Increases in L.E. Budgets is Not Conservative

    Norris has been advocating for substantial pay raises for Sheriff Deputies since he came to office, and he continues to claim that the Kootenai Sheriff's department is "underfunded".  These claims are based on manipulated "industry standards", put forth by public safety lobbyists with a vested interest in raising L.E. compensation.   

    Under Norris's reign, the salary of the Kootenai County Sheriff, has jumped from $89,605 to $145,516 per year, an increase of over 62% percent.  This gigantic spike in compensation for a political office helps set a precedent that all Kootenai County Sheriff employees should be compensated at a similar rate to those in large coastal cities with far larger industrial tax bases and much higher crime rates.  

    Wasteful, unnecessary government spending, including inflated salaries for public employees, always start in wealthy coastal cities that can afford to sustain expensive bureaucracies.  But semi-rural, low-tax counties like Kootenai simply cannot afford exorbitant salaries for public servants.   

    It's true that L.E. salaries have been rising nationwide in recent decades, but as the chart below shows, this has not resulted in more effective police and sheriff departments.  In fact,  the opposite is true--the resources dedicated to actually investigating crimes has declined. 

    It must be difficult for someone who spent his law enforcement career in a Sheriff's office with a four billion dollar budget, and who has recently received a $55K increase in salary to compliment his $180K annual disability pension, to understand the concept of "limited government".  But the truth is, raising L.E. salaries above the amount necessary to retain a competent force  will cause problems in the long term, since Kootenai County will never have the tax base that larger, coastal cities have.  

    Kootenai County has a low crime rate,  non-onerous working conditions for deputies,  and it is a desirable place to live. The Sheriff's department is adequately funded, and public safetly" should not be an excessive drain on Kootenai County taxpayers.   Bloated Budgets, unnecessary Public Safety programs, advanced, but unnecessary L.E. technology, and skyrocketing deputy salary and pension costs, are not Conservative. 


    Opposing Kiddie Porn AFTER the election is FAKE conservative.

    Norris received a great deal of positive publicity for speaking out against “Porn in Children’s Libraries", at his town hall on the day AFTER the November election.   He did not, however, speak out about the problem before the May 2023 election, when the issue was being publicly debated, and a contentious election for CLN library trustees was underway.   

    Nor did he mention the problem in advance of November 2023 when criticism of Pornography in the children's section of the library may have affected the CDA city Council elections.   Weighing in on a popular conservative position AFTER an election while ignoring the issue during the heat of the campaign is not Conservative, it is opportunistic. 

    By the way, Los Angeles county is the Pornography Center of the Universe, and also the center of a huge child trafficking and exploitation industry.  But Norris is not on record as ever having mentioning this as a problem, or done anything to oppose it the enormous human trafficking problems in his home town.  


    Deputizing Political Allies is Not Conservative.

    When Norris served under Lee Baca (1998-2014), the LA Sheriff's department had a program whereby it granted Special Deputy Status to certain wealthy businessmen and donors, and this lead to a number of scandals. Chris Vovos, the owner of Tam's Burger restaurant chain in Los Angeles, was one such donor who received special deputy status, and got access to a county sheriff's car, complete with equipment allowing access to real time L.E. communication. 

    At best this was unconscionable favoritism, and at worst such privileges may have been used for nefarious purposes. 

    What does the any of this have to do with Norris?  Chris Vovos was a personal friend and donated $3K to Norris's 2020 campaign.  What makes this disturbing is that the donations to Norris were made at the same time Vovos was fighting off criminal charges that his restaurant manager (Gomez) funneled thousands of dollars of illegal contributions to the campaign of Sheriff Villanueva

    Accepting a $3K donation from a sketchy Los Angeles multi-millionaire who received special favors from Sheriff Baca and laundered tens of thousands of dollars through his hamburger chain to bribe the incoming LA Sheriff is not conservative.  

    And that's before even mentioning Norris's close relationship with Commissioner Mattare, and the fact that he has granted him special deputy status.  


    Conservatives Need an Alternative to Sheriff Norris

    These are some of the reasons that critics of Norris do not consider him either a conservative, or a Constitutional Sheriff.  The purpose of this article is not to promote Dan Wilson, but rather to point out why many conservatives find it impossible to support Norris.   

    Nevertheless, it may be helpful to point out some of the things that critics of Norris like about Wilson, that they believe make him a more reliably conservative, constitutional candidate for Sheriff than the "more experienced" Norris. 

    Dan Wilson has lived in the area for his entire life, and has spent most of his career in the private sector, while serving as a reserve deputy in Spokane County.   Some of his qualifcations for Sheriff of Kootenai County are as follows: 

    • He is NOT enamored with Community Policing or Federal Law Enforcement Grants.
    • He has NOT trained with Mossad in Israel, or worked closely with the DHS or FBI in a professional capacity.
    • He is NOT intending to demand additional funding for the Sheriff's office unless specific unmet needs are identified. 
    • He will NOT fraternize with the Fraternal Order of Police, or other Masonic associations, or take oaths other than his oath of office.
    • He will NOT shill for Leftist Big government lobbyists such as "FIght Crime: Invest in Kids" or promote governent subsidized family interventions.
    • He will NOT turn a blind eye to the abuses of H-2A and H-2B Visas in the area, or any other issue related to illegal immigration. 
    • He will NOT show favoritism to people and corporations who have donated to the Sheriff's Helicopter or other Law Enforcement realted non-profit.
    • He wil NOT spend taxpayer dollars on advanced survellience technology that can be used by to surveil law abiding citizens.
    • He will NOT share local law enforcement data with Federal agencies unless there is a specific warrent to do so.  
    • He will NOT bestow "Special Deputy" status on his friends and political supporters, or give them access to L.E. confidential records that are not available to regular citizens.  
    • He will enforce constitutional laws passed by state and local government, but will NOT enforce any unconstitutional laws that impose on the rights of North Idaho citizens.  
    • He will be guided by genuine and unshakeable conservative, constitutional principles, not favoritism and obligation to fraternal brothers or stakeholders. 






    Doc Holliday says (Jun 11, 2024):

    Excellent article and I was raised by an LA County Sheriff that put in 45 years of service. Let’s not forget Bruce “Kootenai County Commissioner” Mattare that is orchestrating everything behind the scenes for Bob Norris, because Norris isn’t intelligent enough to do all this on his own, and let’s put a spotlight on the Norris Donors that are prevalent businessmen in the marijuana industry in Las Vegas and Arizona. Pay to play just like LA. Let’s destroy the scum bags that are destroying this community. Elect Wilson in November and help to raise deputy morale at the same time

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