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    Is Sheriff Norris a Freemason?

    Since Sheriff Norris’s has declared a Show Your Proof Challenge, NISGR has written an article to show proof that Sheriff Norris is likely a Freemason, or closely associated with Masons.   To those who understand how corrupting of an influence Masonry can be on law enforcement, this is a serious concern.  

    One of the problems with accusing someone of having Masonic associations is that the public perception of Freemasonry ranges from that of a harmless patriotic group, to that of a diabolical secret society conspiring to impose one-world government.   There is no universal agreement on the threat that Freemasonry poses.  

    Another problem is that there are many different “degrees” of Freemasonry, and low level members have little to do with the secret oaths, esoteric knowledge, and reputed corruption of upper-level Masons. 

    Therefore, this article will focus mainly on evidence of Norris's links to Freemasonry, and not delve into the nature of the organization, so people can make their own decision about how serious Masonic associations are.   At the end of this article, we will briefly explain why Masonic oaths of secrecy are a problem for law enforcement. 

    #1 Association with the Fraternal Order of Police

    Norris has stated he is a member of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), and is actively advertising their endorsement.   He is far from alone.   Nationwide, about half of sworn law officers are members of an FOP lodge.  Nevertheless, there are serious problems with the organization, that need to be looked at.  

    First of all, the FOP logo is rife with Masonic symbolism and clearly indicates a connection to Freemasonry.  Masonic symbols incorporated into the FOP include 1) the all-seeing eye, 2) the handshake, 3) the checkerboard pattern, 4) the pentagram, 5) the outer circle with inner circle in the middle, and 6) the blue and gold color scheme.  It could be argued that the use of one or two Masonic symbols in the FOP logo could be a coincidence, but six cannot be.

    A second problem with FOP is that it presents itself as a "law and order," conservative organization, but this is a deception.  FOP is really a “Big government,” liberal advocacy group that lobbies for federal monies, programs, and grants to benefit its members, and promotes federal involvement in law enforcement. 

    The FOP advocates for generous LE pensions, community policing grants, special health and child care benefits, grants for drug enforcement, more federal intelligence sharing, more training programs, broader disability benefits, LE loan forgiveness, harsher drug laws, more prisons, and much more. 

    Every imaginable, big-government, federally-mandated remedy related to law enforcement is promoted.   The National  FOP "Legislation We Support page"  is a grab-bag of LE targeted federal assistance,  benefits, and free money.   

    Behind the conservative facade, FOP is a big spending “Uni-party” institution, dominated by Democrats, RINOs, and establishment types.  The chart below shows that most FOP and Police Union money goes to support Democrats, and always has.   

    Like all public service unions, FOP is all about lobbying for more taxpayer money, not addressing the internal problems in LE agencies.    But more money for teachers did not give us better schools; more money for Medicaid does not give us better healthcare; and more money for law enforcement will not make us safer.   Quite the opposite.    

    What does Norris mention every time he goes before the public?  He asks for more money!  Norris is a perfect fit for FOP.  Of course they endorsed him.  

    If the "Fraternal Order of Police" was a true advocate for effective law enforcement over the last few decades, the Police Departments in all major cities would not be a complete wreck, and Federal law enforcement agencies would not be notoriously corrupt.   

    FOP and Freemasonry

    We’ve shown that FOP is a RINO, pro-Federal, big-government lobbying group, rather than a truly conservative agency, and we've also shown that the FOP logo has a great deal of Masonic symbolism.    But how exactly is FOP related to Freemasonry?  

    Around the turn of the century, Freemasonry was at the height of its power, and it began a process of transitioning to a new, more flexible, and less obvious form.  Between about 1890 and 1920, dozens of new, nationally organized Fraternal Orders, Labor Unions, and Professional Societies were formed.  All were founded by Freemasons and all spread quickly to cities across the country.  In order to encourage new members to join, generous life and disability insurance benefits were offered.

    The formation of FOP in 1915 followed this exact pattern. 

    It is important to understand that the rank-and-file of these organizations are not Masons.  However, the leadership at both the local and national level is Masonic.  Masons created these organizations for their own purposes, and Masons control them.   And what are these purposes?   

    Masons are globalists, so the Fraternal Order of Police leadership is committed to promoting federal LE programs, growing the government workforce, increasing surveillance under the cover of public safety, and raising taxes.   And like all such quasi-masonic organizations, FOP provides a way for a small group of “insiders” at the top level to influence, manipulate, and speak for hundreds of low level members. 

    How real is the connection between FOP leadership, Masonry, and corrupt Federal Law Enforcement agencies?   Very real.   Consider the career of Neil Uhrig.   He is founder and president of the Post Falls Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #42, employed in Federal Law Enforcement, and Secretary of the Rathdrum Freemasonry lodge #41.    This is not a coincidence. 


    #2—Meet and Greet at Freemason Lodge in Rathdrum

    We have concluded that the Fraternal Order of Police is led by Masons, and has a liberal, RINO, big-government agenda for law enforcement.     But we have also concluded that most members of FOP are not actually part of the Masonic hierarchy.   What other associations does Sheriff Norris appear to have with Freemasonry? 

    On Feb 3rd Norris hosted a coffee and donuts meet-up at the Rathdrum Freemasonry lodge.   Soon after his opponent pointed this out, he was confronted in public at the Pachyderm club, by one of the Rathdrum Freemason lodge leaders and accused of impugning Masonry.  This caused quite a stir.  

    Certainly, we don’t believe that merely holding a meeting at a particular lodge proves membership in that lodge.  Dozens of people meet at the American Legion Hall or Rathdrum Grange who are not members of those organizations.   

    But when a public figure chooses an organization to host an event, he is implicitly giving the group his approval and indicating that he does not see a problem with the group.   And those of us who believe that societies such as Freemasonry,—that require oaths of secrecy and allegiance to Masonic brothers—may have a corrupting influence, would hope that a sheriff would understand these problems, and refrain from "normalizing" secret societies.  

    The Coffee Hour at the Rathdrum Masonic lodge does not prove that Norris is a Freemason.   However, it proves he sees no problems with Freemasonry, and this was apparently not his first visit to the Lodge.   

    #3) Paid Respects after Death of Masonic Worshipful Master

    Much more compelling evidence that Sheriff Norris is an active, involved Freemason is the fact that he and County Commissioner Bruce Mattare visited the Rathdrum lodge in May 2022 in order to pay their respects following the death of Andrew Evenson, the Worshipful Master of Rathdrum Lodge #41.  

    It is hard to understand why paying one’s respects to a Master Mason would be a priority for a Sheriff if he were not himself part of the Masonic hierarchy.    Everson was prominent within the local Freemason community, but almost unknown among the general population.  And far better known residents of Kootenai County, who have contributed much more to their community, die on a regular basis without being commemorated by two of the most important politicians in Kootenai County.

    At the very least, Norris and Mattare have some explaining to do.  

    #4)   Campaign Treasurer from a Freemason Family

    Another compelling evidence that Norris is an active, involved Freemason was his choice of a Treasurer for his 2020 Election.   Out of thousands of politically involved Republicans in Kootenai County, Norris picked Marge Chadderdon, matriarch of the family that owns the Great Floors retail chain, to manage his finances.    

    Twenty years ago Chadderdon served as a state State Representative.  She has long been active in the RINO wing of the Republican party, and was one of the Founders of the North Idaho Republicans. But she is long retired, and over 80 years old.   So why Chadderdon?  

    Perhaps because the Chadderdons are not just any family.  Many years ago they purchased the historic CDA Masonic Temple to use for "Great Floors" office space  They are therefore, certainly high ranking Freemasons, since such a historic building would not be sold to a non-Mason.   

    But what does all this mean?  

    The selection was probably intentional.  Masons depend very much on symbolism.   Numbers, colors, pattens, symbols, all mean something.   So the selection of a well-known Masonic family as Norris’ treasurer could indicate that he was the preferred candidate of the Masonic elite.  

    This is the type of "proof" that some critics of Norris may find convincing, and Norris defenders may reject altogether.   And there is a reason for this. 

    Those who understand how secret societies communicate, intuitively understand this type of signaling.  Ninety-eight percent of the general public would have no idea the Chadderdons have anything to do with Freemasonry, and would see nothing.  At the same time, all Freemasons would know exactly who owns the CDA Masonic Temple and would understand the significance.   

    #5) CDA Rotary Club, a Masonic Organization

    Sheriff Norris has at least one more connection to a quasi-Masonic organization that is worth mentioning.

    When discussing the Fraternal Order of Police’s, we mentioned that between about 1890 and 1920, Freemasons established a number of new “Fraternal Orders”.  Both FOP (1915) and the Rotary Club (1905) were formed during this era, as was the National Chamber of Commerce (1912).   

    The Rotary Club was founded as a service and social club, intended for businessmen and professionals, and within only a few years it had chapters in cities across the United States, Canada, and Great Britain.  Its rapid, international growth is one of several indicators that it was founded by and is controlled by Freemasons.   The article Freemasons and Rotarians provides more details about these connections.   

    The Rotary Club provides a forum for investors, developers, and other stakeholders connected to local government to network privately.  This is the same role that some Freemason lodges served in the 19th century, except that the Rotary club lacks the esoteric teachings, secretive oaths, and bad reputation of Freemasonry.

    Most Rotary club members are not Freemasons, so membership does not imply that one is part of the inner circle of Masonry.  But Rotary Club membership does allow one to mingle with many of CDA's most powerful "movers and shakers", some of whom are Masons, so it is undoubtedly a gateway to Masonry.  

    Norris Joined the Rotarians soon after he became Sheriff, and as these club minutes shows, the week that he was inducted into the CDA Rotary Club,  both the Idaho Attorney General, Laurence Wasden, and the Superintendent of public Instruction,  Debbie Crutchfield were present. 

    So does Norris's membership in the Rotary Club prove that he is part of the Masonic hierarchy?  No, it doesn't.  It only proves that he rubs shoulders with CDA's Rotarian-RINO Oligarchy.   And like the FOP, the Masonic leadership of the Rotary Club is primarily big-government loving, globalists rather than conservatives.

    What Constitutes Proof of Masonic Influence?

    Sheriff Norris is an active member of at least two Masonic linked organizations; his 2020 Campaign Treasurer was from a high ranking Masonic family; he held a coffee hour at a Masonic lodge; and he and Bruce Mattare visited the Rathdrum Lodge to pay respects at the death of the Masonic Worshipful Master.   Does that mean he's a Freemason?   It seems probable.  As a minimum, he is known to, and supported by the leadership of numerous Masonic organizations.

    Furthermore, both of the quasi-masonic groups that Norris is part of,—FOP and the Rotary Club,—are globalist, pro-establishment institutions, full of big-spending, big government Uni-party RINOs.   

    None of these connections, in isolation, is entirely damning, but as a whole, they paint a dubious picture of Norris's allegiances.   And the point at which these connections become disturbing depends largely on one's perception of the threat posed by Freemasonry.   

    The Problem with Masonic Influence in Law Enforcement

    So what exactly is the problem with Masonic Influence in Law Enforcement Agencies?  

    The problem with Masonry in all areas of government, is that it is a corrupting influence.  Even if one discounts the most extreme theories of the evils of Masonic influence, it is clear that Masonry requires its adherents to keep secrets, to take oaths, and to come to the aid of brother Masons.  And these attributes alone, are very problematic. 

    First of all, the existence of an organized "brotherhood" is likely to lead to a system of favoritism, where Masons are promoted over non-Masons.  This culture of "insider" privilege is unjust to non-Masons and is also in violation of the spirit of "open meeting laws", since public officials who are Masons have a forum to discuss issues where all involved are sworn to secrecy.    

    Even worse is when Masonic favoritism extends to Masons who have broken laws.   There are instances where masonic law enforcement officers have been accused of givng favorable treatment to brother Masons, and the problem is even worse in the Judicial branch, where it is rumored that many judges are Masons.   

    Worst of all, however, is the possibility that crimes could be committed which are never investigated or acknowledged because the perpetrators are known to be Masons.   Why, with very sophisticated surveillance tools available to federal law enforement, are certain drug and human trafficking rings never shut down?  Are Masonic law enforcement officials required by their oaths to avert their eyes?   

    Masonic oaths of secrecy are at the heart of the problem, because they enable every form of corruption.    They are Omerta, the Mafioso "code of silence".  

    "The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.  . . . .  John F. Kennedy, 1961

    No matter what you believe about Freemasonry, it is clear that secret societies, secret oaths, and secret loyalties, are "repugnant in a free and open society." Masonic organizations are not up-front about their allegiances, their members are sworn to silence, and they should have no place in Law Enforcement agencies in a free country. 



    Jack Smith says (Mar 11, 2024):

    You are nuts! This is a masterpiece of conspiracy clickbait. You missed your calling with a fiction publisher.


    Hari Heath says (Mar 14, 2024):

    Went to the show your proof event tonight. Among many other things discussed Norris did admit to member ship in the Mica Grange, The Eagles, and the Rotary. He denied being a Mason. He also had an oath administered as to his veracity of speech tat the beginning of the event. It was videos and that should be out soon.

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