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    Fellowship of the Stakeholders II: Freemasons and Rotarians

    Before proceeding with our featured attack, let's quickly review the previous episodes of STAKEHOLDER WARS. 

    In Episode I:   Fellowship of the Stakeholders the Slog Blog opened fire on the 78 founders of the North Idaho RINOs and showed that more than half were professionally associated with banks, investment firms, and real estate developers, and a many were associated with the Rotary Club.  Unflattering things about the Rotary Club were also mentioned. 

    In Episode II:   The Hagadone Herald Strikes Back the defenders of the status quo disputed the claim that the Rotarians were "Freemasonry-lite" and "fake philanthropists."  Much effort was put into defending Rotarians, although RINOS were the main targets of the original attack.  

         "If you would know who controls you, see who you may not criticise."   ― Tacitus

    Stakeholder Wars: "Return of the Gadfly"

    The Gadflies at the Slow Growth Research blog have spent much of the last year looking into problems with growth, development, and skyrocketing home prices in Kootenai County.   We have Debunked the false promise that densification will provide more affordable housing;  exposed the Corruption and Crony Capitalism associated with LIHTC housing, and much more.  All of our articles are well documented, and prove that investors and developers have enormously outsized influence on housing and land use policy.  

    All of these matters are of immediate concern to the people of Kootenai county, but none have been investigated, commented on, or rebutted by the CDA Press.  It appears that exposing corruption, conflicts of interest, and laws that systematically favor investors over private citizens, is not of interest to the “powers that be.”  But as soon as we mentioned Freemasons and Rotarians:t fireworks and fusillades.   

    It appears that our only option for bringing wider attention to these matters is to double down.   We could talk all day about corruption in "affordable housing" and  urban renewal agencies, but if, in fact, secret societies have infiltrated our government and newspapers of record, then such details hardly matter.  We cannot have good government if our leaders are false, and there are hidden puppet masters pulling strings

    But how can we know for certain?    As luck would have it, the Slog Blog is not without resources.   We have been studying occult associations, corruption in government, and "revisionist" history for many years.  So . . . . 

    Let's Talk about FREEMASONS!!!

    Secret societies are a difficult topic, but It is our intention to prove that the Rotarians are directly related to Freemasonry, using publicly available information.    If we can prove that Rotarians are connected to a known secret society then it would follow that removing all Rotarians from public office is not a rash or irresponsible threat, but a necessary step to cleaning out our state and local governments.   

    In order to follow our logic, however, readers will need to know at least a few basic facts about secret societies, in general. 

    • Secret Societies have existed throughout human history.  They are widespread, powerful, and corrupt, and they bestow unfair advantages on their members.  One reason they are so secretive is that their existence undermines all meaningful notions of  equal rights, honest government, free trade, and justice.  
    • Secret Societies use many signs, including symbols, names, and numbers, to communicate their presence.  These signs are understood by insiders but are invisible to most people. 
    • Secret Societies often exist under cover of  civic, religious, social, or trade associations.  Most have an inner circle of initiates and an outer circle of less knowledgeable associates or followers.  All members of groups identifiable as "secret societies" are not equally at fault. 


    The Case Against the ROTARY CLUB

    In episode II we learned that the Hagadone Herald was not impressed by our proofs that the Rotarians were linked to Freemasonry:  Gustave Loehr, one of the four founders of Rotary International, was reportedly a member of a Masonic lodge. The organization does not appear to have other links to Freemasonry.”

    It seems we will have to be more explicit.  Rotarian history has many "signs" that indicate long-standing ties to Freemasonry.   Here are some of those signs, with corresponding explanations:

    • Founder named Hiram.   Hiram Shorey is considered  a founder of the Rotary club, even though he only attended a few meetings and there is almost no biographical information about him.  (He is probably mythical).   The name Hiram is of Phoenician origin and has enormously important occult significance.  Hiram Abiff, the architect of Solomon’s Temple, is the main antagonist in the Masonic allegory, so identifying “Hiram” as a founder would indicate to insiders that the Rotarians and Freemasons were interlinked, and that Phoenician influence was afoot.    
    • Spontaneous, explosive growth.  At the time the Rotary club was founded, there were already a number of “Fraternal organizations” in the United States.  Once the Rotary Club was established, it spread almost immediately to major cities and within seven years had international branches.  Such rapid and widespread growth indicates a close affiliation with a pre-existing international society, and the society that best fits the Rotarian demographic (members were prosperous professionals, not laborers) was Freemasonry.   This relationship is also evidenced by a 1935 survey of fraternal orders, that noted that that 70% belonged to at least one other order and 37% specifically identified with Freemasonry. 
    • "International" Political Outlook.    Only a few years after the first Club was established, the Rotarians declared themselves an “International” service organization.  Why is this?   Anyone who is genuinely motivated to serve their fellow man can do so without “international” pretentions.   The reason is that the Rotarians have been politically aligned with “Liberal Internationalist”  Fabian Socialists from Day One.  This movement was behind the League of Nations and later the United Nations, and the Rotarians were active supporters of both. The Rotarians have consistently served the interests of international socialism, as their pretentious global causes, and fake philanthropy clearly shows.   The Rotary Club's claim of being "non-political" is a bold-faced lie (one of many).  
    • Blue and Gold Colors.  Both Freemasonry and Rotarians have Logos that are usually portrayed as blue and gold.  This is the type of “coincidence” that most people feel is not compelling evidence of collusion.  However, Secret Societies are obsessed with symbolism, and to them, every detail is significant.  


    There is one more important clue linking Rotarians with Global Secret Societies and Freemasons.  When dealing with Secret Society “comms”, everything has meaning, and all accounts of early Rotary history mention a first meeting in “Room 711 of the Unity Building.”  We know that 7-11 is a number with occult significance (as is 9-11) but it is the Unity Building itself, that is of immediate interest. 

    The Unity Building.   According to the Chicago Tribune, the building was a hotbed of progressive politics during much of the 20th century: “the Unity Building could tell . . . of backroom politics, of the ward heelers, courthouse weasels and bit players . . . several of Chicago’s mayors have put their political offices there.”  It was built by John Atgell, a progressive Democrat who made a sudden fortune in real estate.  After being elected Mayor in 1893 he gained notoriety for pardoning hundreds of radical activists and criminals.

    When Atgell's fortunes turned, the building fell into the hands of his financiers, the “First National Bank of Chicago.”   And who owned FNBC?  “At the beginning of the twentieth century, noted investors in the bank included J.P. Morgan, James Stillman, Jacob Schiff, E.H. Harriman, and Marshall Field. ** In 1913, The First became a charter member of the Federal Reserve system." [** NOTE: these men were American agents of the Rothschild banking network] 

    In other words, at the time the Rotary club was founded, the Unity Building had fallen into the hands of same cartel of international bankers who bankrolled Freemasonry during the 19th century and later established the Federal Reserve. A coincidence, I’m sure. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    Perfidious, Unprincipled, Pathological Liars

    "Only the small secrets need to be protected. The large ones are kept secret by public incredulity." --Marshall McLuhan

    For some people, the evidence presented above is convincing proof that the Rotary Club has connections to secret societies that go back to its founding over 100 years ago.   Many others will not be able get their head around the extent of the corruption this implies all levels of American government, no matter how much evidence is presented.   It is very difficult for anyone, ourselves included, to acknowledge that this type of far-reaching, systematic fraud and deception could possibly exist, especially right here at home in our beloved North Idaho.  

    Not all people who doubt the existence of secret societies are foolish.  Many are good people who simply cannot conceive of the degree of duplicity and false loyalties that could have infiltrated their cherished republic.  Many more people are waking up to this reality in the last few years, especially since the orchestrated heist of the 2020 election.  But it is a hard pill for most people to swallow.  

    It is very difficult  for those of us who do not think in terms of cult loyalties, special privileges, and false identities, to understand the deceit and perfidy associated with secret societies.    We can hardly conceive of the gargantuan, long-running, and insidious deceptions that these people are capable of.   We have placed our trust in them in the past, not because we have found them to be truthful, but because we have difficulty comprehending the depth of their perfidy.  But we can no longer do this.  We must not be "represented" by people who are loyal only to their own cult and degrade everything America stands for.   

    How to Protect Ourselves?    VOTE THEM OUT!!!

    It will take many years to clean up our corrupt government, but to begin the process, the political agents of Secret Societies need to be voted out of office This will be a difficult project  because their agents infiltrate every political party, and are perfectly capable of presenting themselves as "conservatives".   But since it is now 100% certain that both the North Idaho Republicans and the CDA Press are corrupt institutions  who serve stakeholders, not citizens, an excellent start would be to VOTE OUT all of their recommended candidates. 

    (Rotarian Favored candidates for NIC Board of Trustees are Broschet, Corkill and Zimmerman.   VOTE THEM OUT.   Vote FOR Non-Rotarian, Non-Secret Society alternatives:   Hartman, Waggoner, Sheridan. )  

    VOTING OUT CABAL CANDIDATES for NIC this November is a GOOD START.   But we are only beginning the process.   Eventually All City Councils, all County offices, all P/Z and citizen commissions, all  foundations, all school boards, all library boards, all Nonprofits and URAs, and EDCs must be free of any connection to Rotarians, Freemasons, and all other Secret Societies (or better yet, shut down entirely). 

    None of this will be easy, but good government is impossible when our representatives answer to a corrupt cult of "insiders" rather than the citizens of Idaho.   

    This is Part II of a Three Part Series on Stakeholders and their Minions in Kootenai County:

    Fellowship of the Stakeholders I: Rinos and Rotarians 

    Fellowship of the Stakeholders III: The Rotarian Oligarchy


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