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  • Absentee Ballot Problems Go Postal

    This article investigates the U.S. Postal Service and the problems with mail-in ballots. It is nearly impossible to prove fraud, but we can make a strong case that USPS should not be trusted, and its role in elections should be minimized. Wide discrepancies in voter preferences between in-person and mail-in ballots are frequent, and they often decide elections. For example, in 2020 Trump won the “in-person” vote in all fifty states but was defeated because of an incredibly high percentage of…

  • IACI: Corporate Statism Disguised as Business

    The Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI), represents itself as a business lobby that advocates for "economic opportunity” and "polices that achieve economic growth through entrepreneurship and free enterprise”. But a quick look at the companies that make up IACA's board shows that this is pure bunkum. What IACI promotes is corporate statism, a collectivist form of government run by oligarchs disguised as businessmen. "Corporatocracy is an economic, political and judicial syste…

  • Kovacs and KC's Kangaroo Court

    But instead of providing answers and clarity, the effect of the meeting was to alarm, confuse, and mislead the public.  Why, instead of consulting with attorneys privately, about this important matter, did county officials choose to make a spectacle out of the fact that Kovacs made private recordings and excoriate him publicly, when there was no evidence that he had done anything illegal or unethical?

  • Kovacs' Gift of Transparency

    As frequent users of the Assessors' tools, we are appreciative of the work that has been done under Kovacs watch, and are sorry to see that there is so much controversy surrounding his office.   We will discuss the political challenges of the Assessor later in the article, but first we’d like to provide specific examples of why we are pleased with his work.

  • Stop 5G, Stop SMART Cities

    The worst problem with 5G is not that it is potential harmful.  It is that 5G ultra-high data rates provide no real benefits to end-users, and never will.  There is simply no need to upgrade our entire cellular network to a new protocol just to provide for insanely high bandwidths and sub micro-second latencies that no one but globalist, SMART city-loving,  control-freak technocrats, and surveillance agencies really care about.

  • North Idaho's Healthcare Kraken: Kootenai Health

    Could such a bureaucratic behemoth of a hospital system as St. Luke ever exist North Idaho?   Yes it could.  In late 2022, the Kootenai Health board of Trustees voted to turn over all the assets of the county owned hospital to a private foundation, structured much like St. Luke Health System.  St. Luke is the model upon which those who now control Kootenai Health intend to base their system.

  • South Idaho's Healthcare Colossus: St. Luke

    With a workforce of over 16,000 St. Luke is the largest employer in Idaho.   In 2022 it presided over 50 thousand hospital admissions, 45 thousand surgeries, and nearly 3 million outpatient appointments.  It is the dominant healthcare provider in dozens of Southern Idaho communities, and its annual budget now exceeds $4 Billion dollars—up from $2 Billion in 2016

  • Questions About KC's Open Space Bond (Updated!)

    Next week Kootenai Voters will decide whether or not to authorize a $50 Million dollar bond ($70M with interest), to preserve “Open Space” on the prairie. The principle would be used to acquire and develop land that could be used for parks, bike trails, or other public uses. Many of us are in favor of limiting growth and densities in the Prairie, and would be willing to pay a little over time to see more of the Prairie preserved, but the lack of assurances regarding how the money will be sp…

  • Who is Behind the TMC Spy Hub?

    Transportation Management Centers (TMCs) are an essential part of the federal government’s plan for a futuristic way of using SMART infrastructure and autonomous vehicles to manage regional transportation. Yet some KMPO officials seem surprised at the vehemence of public resistance to the proposal. Although many public transportation officials see benefits to a regional TMC, to most North Idaho residents, the promised advantages of high-tech “Intelligent Transportation” systems (ITS) are meager…

  • SMART Traffic Controllers are a DUMB idea

    "Smart traffic lights are traffic control systems that combines traditional traffic lights with an array of sensors and artificial intelligence to intelligently route vehicle and pedestrian traffic". —Wikipedia One of the false promises that advocates of “Intelligent Transportation Systems” (ITS) use to justify adding unwanted complexity to our traffic systems is that SMART traffic signal controllers that use Artificial Intelligence and real-time surveillance data to control traffic flow, will …

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