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    Stop 5G, Stop SMART Cities

    Many of us are concerned about the health and environmental effects of 5G, and the iron-fisted way it is being forced on local communities by unaccountable federal agencies.   These are serious problems, but the underlying truth about 5G—that neither the telecom companies, nor our corrupt government agencies will admit,—is that it is entirely unnecessary.

    Existing 4G LTE technology is more than adequate for all current and future wireless data needs:  Mid Band data rates are sufficient for all foreseeable end-user services, and new cell stations can be added as needed to expand capacity.  

    There is no need to upgrade our entire cellular network to a new protocol that depends on Chinese technology, just to provide for insanely high bandwidths and sub micro-second latencies that no one but globalist, SMART City loving, technocrats really care about.

    The multi-billion dollar nationwide 5G upgrade that is currently underway is supposedly being done to meet consumer demand for higher bandwidths, but that is nonsense.   The truth is that mid band 4G LTE technology provides plenty of bandwidth for all purposes other than mass surveillance, autonomous vehicle communication, and “Internet of Things”—all of which are associated with government-controlled SMART cities.

    The “demand” for ultra-high bandwidth 5G technology is not coming from consumers, but from federal agencies aligned with a technocratic vision of  “sustainable”, "15-minute", surveillance cities.   

    Once our civic leaders stop densifying our cities and pursuing federal monies that are tied to adopting SMART city infrastructure; and once they begin to adopt policies based on resident preferences instead of the megalomaniacal fantasies of globalist “sustainability” fraudsters, it will be obvious that 5G is entirely unnecessary anywhere in North Idaho. 

    The 5G Con:  Mid Band vs. High Band

    If it sounds audacious to call 5G unnecessary, it may be because the definition of 5G is muddled.  But frequency determines the peak data rates of wireless communication, and in mid band frequencies (2-6 Ghz), 4G LTE operates just as efficiently as 5G.  It is only at high band frequencies (24-60 Ghz) that 5G performance exceeds that of 4G, since 4G does not support high band frequencies.

    So when we say 5G is unnecessary, what we mean is, mid band performance is sufficient for the needs of North Idaho residents.  There is no need for "high band" data capacity, so there is no need for 5G.   And the truth is, almost all 5G base stations that have actually been deployed anywhere in the U.S. in recent years operate in the mid band range exactly as 4G LTE would.  So 5G's reputation as a super-powerful, necessary upgrade to 4G is largely smoke and mirrors.  

    For example, if you have a fancy new 5G mobile device, that does not mean it is operating in the high band range.  It only means that it has an an antenna that is capable of operating at microwave frequencies.  But in almost all cases, it is only operating at 4G compatible, mid-band frequencies. 

    The truth is, high band 5G has serious disadvantages relative to 4G LTE.  As the chart below shows, high frequency waveforms can carry a great deal of information, but only over short, unobstructed ranges.  This means high band 5G operation requires far, far more cell base sites than 4G, requires much more complicated technology, and does not penetrate obstacles nearly as well. 

    Even worse, high band 5G "advantages" are purely illusionary.  The ultra-high bandwidth provided by 5G is over-kill for almost any imaginable application, except massive machine-to-machine data transfers.  5G ultra-low latencies are needed ONLY for vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and the insane number of electronic devices 5G supports per area (over a million per square killometer) is not needed even for continuous surveillance of every electronic device in a densely packed urban area.

    High band 5G was designed for densely populated, highly surveilled, "15-minute cities", with an entirely automated transportation system.   It makes no sense, and will never make sense, to deploy it in suburban or rural areas.   

    There are many problems with high band 5G, and no organic demand for it.   So why all the hype?    Why the rush?  and why the strong-arming of opponents and local governments?    Something doesn’t add up. 

    SMART Infrastructure & ITS are Driving 5G

    So where is the push for 5G really coming from? 

    We have already stated that ITS, "Internet of Things", mass surveillance, and especially vehicle-to-vehicle communication are the primary services that require 5G technology.  And what all these have in common is that 1) the demand for them is coming from the globalist-aligned agencies in the federal government, not end-users, and 2) they are tools intended for top-down control of communities, not the convenience or safety of citizens.  

    It is also evident that the large corporations aligned with the government agencies  behind SMART technology are enthusiastic advocates for 5G,  and are all on board the SMART city crazy-bus.  It's almost as if the same globalist forces that seem to control our federal government also direct the priorities of corporate America.  

    Here are a few instances where corporations and government agencies are working hand-in-hand to promote SMART technology and 5G:  

    ITS and 5GAA (5G Automobile Association)

    “The 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) is a corporate coalition to develop and promote standardized protocols for automotive vehicles utilizing 5G communications. Their interests are government investments in the widespread deployment of short-range 5G wireless technology.” 

    NISGR has already taken an in depth look at Intelligent Transportation Systems and pointed out that vehicle-to-vehicle (V2X) communication and “connected cars” require 5G technology, not because of high data rates, but because they require instantaneous communication (low latencies) that cannot be guaranteed by 4G technology. (t=8:00)

    There is nothing more important for those who seek control over people than to control their movement. To do this, people must be prevented from operating private vehicles, and for this reason, "connected cars," controlled by computers rather than humans, are a pillar of SMART cities.  Autonomous vehicles put the movement of both people and goods directly under government control, and the very low "latencies"  required for V2X communication is probably main the reason the high band of 5G is far into the microwave range.   

    Unsurprisingly, many automobile corporations are entirely on board the DOT’s fanatical push, for ITS and 5G in spite of the expense and unpopularity of SMART cars.   Because, like government bureaucrats, corporate moguls take their cues from their globalist overlords rather than citizens.    

    FCC and the Telecom Industry

    "The FCC is committed to doing our part to help ensure the United States wins the global race to 5G to the benefit of all Americans. . . .Supporting the deployment of 5G and other next-generation wireless services through SMART infrastructure policy is critical."

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the agency tasked with regulating the telecommunications industry, but as its FCC’s Declaratory Ruling on 5G makes clear, it is FCC's policy to "accelerate" the deployment of 5G by striking down any and all barriers to its adoption.

    So it seems that the FCC, along with the DOT, the CIA, the DOJ, HUD, the entire Federal government, and the entire telecommunications industry is all aboard the SMART Cities, 5G Crazy bus.   Without caution, without discernment, and without any regard to the rights, preferences, health, or safety of citizens, they are working to "accelerate" the "transition" to the "next generation of wireless services".      

    And unsurprisingly, almost all the "new services” mentioned in the FCC's Declaratory Ruling, such as the "Internet of Things", "new nealthcare applications", and "connected car technology", are associated with SMART cities.   The “Internet of Things”, of course, is just massive surveillance of every electronic appliance in a SMART city, and we have already discussed "connected cars".   But what exactly is meant by 5G “new healthcare applications”?   We are afraid to ask.

    Yet another case of Industry insiders in bed with government agencies, working together to foist SMART cities and 5G on an unwilling population. 

    5G is not Needed, Now or Ever

    These examples prove that the push for both SMART Cities and 5G is top-down, and it is coming from globalist technocrats within our own government, rather than being driven by end user demand.  

    5G technology is overkill, and is impractical except in densely populated, treeless neighborhoods.  4G is more than sufficient for human to human and computer to human interconnectivity, and it can be upgraded incrementally without employing the problematic high band frequencies required by 5G. 

    Human brains cannot possibly process the amount of information that the ultra-high bandwidths of 5G make available to them.  How does it improve anyone’s life to be able to download a two hour move in two minutes instead of twenty.   5G is a technology intended for machine-to-machine communication, Artificial Intelligence, mass surveillance, and ultra-low-latency SMART Car communication.   It is intended to deliver data to A.I. Bots, traffic control centers, surveillance centers,  and "Skynet",  not humans.  

    We don’t want SMART Cities, mass surveillance or 5G, now or ever.   These are not “human-friendly” technologies, and there is no reason to believe that the government agencies and corporations behind them have our best interests at heart. 


    All deployment of 5G technology should be rejected because none of it can be proven to be necessary.   Medium Band 4G LTE technology is more than adequate as is.       

    The burden of proof should not be on our local government to prove possible harms from 5G.  It should be up to the imperious, over-reaching telecom companies and government agencies who are promoting 5G to prove that 4G technology insufficient.    They cannot prove that North Idaho needs High band 5G because it doesn’t.    

    We don’t want SMART technology, mass surveillance, Internet of Things, oppressively densified cities, connected cars, or any part of the technological tyranny that goes along with 5G. 

    The problem is not that we are anti-technology.  The problem is that we do not trust the technocratic elite that is trying to ram 5G through on an accelerated time scale.   5G is being pushed through by monopolistic technology corporations, in league with unaccountable Federal agencies, and instead of allowing local governments time to evaluate the pros and cons of the technology, the FCC and our corrupt Judicial system are steamrolling any who raise objections.

    Where have we seen this before?   Covid lockdowns  vaccine mandates,  stolen elections?  Our Federal government seems to be promoting an anti-human,  globalist vision of mass surveillance and technocratic tyranny, and if 5G really provided benefits to citizens, they wouldn’t have to force it on us.   

    5G is being promoted by federal bureaucrats with no concern for the health, safety, autonomy, or preferences of the people of North Idaho, and that’s all we need to know to understand that resistance and non-compliance is the only reasonable way forward.



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