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    Rosa Koire, Community Activism, and Agenda 21

    "The Resistance is not something you join.  It's What you Are." 
    —Rosa Koire [1959-2021]

    Who is Rosa Koire and What does she have to do with reigning in out-of-control growth in North Idaho? 

    At first glance, not much.  She was a Progressive Democrat from California.   You know, the type of person we DON'T WANT here in North Idaho.  The cause of all our problems.

    Oops!  Strike That!  Maybe we need to take a closer look.    It turns out Rosa Koire was the author of Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21,  the most insightful and easiest to understand introduction to "Agenda 21" that we have encountered.  Agenda 21 is a plan for world government, imposed in the name of “sustainability,” that has guided the development of every "Comprehensive Plan" in Kootenai county.  Koire's book is written from the perspective of a community member who was drawn into the fight against "Redevelopment" in her home town, and who discovered that the politics of "Smart Growth" were far more complex and dastardly than she ever imagined.

    The globalists came for California twenty years before they turned their attention to North Idaho, and Ms. Koire can hardly be faulted for assuming that the plan to tear down the main business corridor in her hometown in order to clear the way for private development was a capitalist plot.  So she was surprised to find that many of the liberal political leaders she expected to join her fight were all on board with redevelopment.     

    Koire's realization that globalist forces controlled most political leaders, whether they claim to be liberal or conservative, is one of the most important lessons learned from her decades long battle against the Gateways Redevelopment program for Santa Rosa.

    Like those of us in Idaho,  Ms. Koire lived in a one-party state.   Like most of us, she trusted her political leaders and assumed that those who were responsible for running her city and making decisions about future growth had the best interests of citizens in mind.   Like us, she assumed that truth and rationality would prevail, and that institutions that had been established to protect the environment, civil liberties, property and economy of her community would defend the rights of citizens against predatory developers.   And like us, she was slowly and thoroughly disillusioned. 

    We have far more in common with Rosa Koire then we ever imagined, and it is time to take heed.  Anyone who wants to prevent Idaho from "turning into California" had better pay close attention.

    Koire was a relentless foe of  government overreach and corruption, and a tireless advocate for her community.  During her struggles she came to understand the insidious nature of misgovernment in her city and became an expert on the diabolical and far-reaching plan for world domination known as Agenda 21.   Her book is a fantastic resource, and it does an especially good job of documenting how the policies promoted by Agenda 21 are already being implemented in local governments throughout the U.S. 

    Unfortunately, we were not fully aware of the wealth of research Rosa left behind until after she died in 2021, but from her work we recognize her courage and gifts, and they have deeply influenced our thinking.  

    Unavoidable Connections

    When we began our investigations into the dubious 2040 Comprehensive Plans for Kootenai County, we avoided attempting to tie the corruption we found in our own community to a world wide conspiracy.    This is because we thought it would be best for area resident to focus on local problems that they alone, could address.   We also assumed that raging against globalism, or making unproveable associations between regional "stakeholders" and globalist planning agencies would be less effective than opposing specific development plans and unseating  local politicians.   

    But the writings of Rosa Koire and her monumental efforts to slow down development in Santa Rosa make it clear that a universal conspiracy behind local land use controversies must be confronted.     Almost everyone who begins to research abusive government agencies in their own backyard eventually begins to see the terrible interconnectedness of these problems, and the far-reaching web of corruption behind it all. And the more one researches, the more obvious it becomes that this dastardly abuse of government power is interconnected, demonically pre-meditated, and worldwide.    

    Rosa Koire's Life

    Rosa Koire became involved in local politics after her city initiated plans for a massive redevelopment effort intended to turn over 1000 acres of downtown Santa Rosa into a densely populated, corporate controlled, “walkable” (i.e. carless) community.  The fact that she had significant professional expertise as a forensic real estate appraiser, with a deep understanding of the legal limitations on eminent domain gave her confidence to fight what she recognized as tyrannical government over reach.  Unlike so many citizens who are aware that something is amiss, but lack the technical experience to confidently critique their government, Rosa was confident in her judgment and knew with certainty that something terrible was afoot.  

     In her book she describes her struggle against the Gateways Redevelopment political machine as a “duty” not a choice.  Knowing that she had special skills that could be of help in opposing the criminal forces of government tyranny, she felt compelled to fight the good fight rather than turn away, and we are eternally grateful for her leadership. 

    Tragically, Rosa Koire died unexpectedly of “natural causes” in May 2021.  But much of the excellent work she did lives on and we are committed to do our part to help more people learn of her work and be strengthened by her example.  No one can deny that Rosa Koire took the narrow gate and difficult road.   We are blessed by her wisdom and take inspiration from her life daily.

    Rosa’s Koire's Legacy

    Rosa left both written and video testimony.  All that we are familiar with is of excellent quality and invaluable to those who chose to fight for their community.

    Blogs and Websites:    Rosa and her partner Kay Tokerud created and maintained three separate websites over a ten-year career of Anti-Agenda 21 activism.  

    The Post Sustainability Institutite

    Democrats Against Agenda 21 

    The Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition

    Videos:   There are dozens of videos of Rosa giving presentations and being interviewed by radio and video hosts from all over the country.   A number of her videos have been removed from youtube, but over three hundred can be found by searching for Rosa Koire on Bitchute.

    A few of our favorites Rosa Koire videos are listed below.

    Rosa Koire, Behind The Green Mask, UN Agenda 21, 6:25:12 part 1 of 4 - YouTube

    Books:    Koire’s classic “Behind the Green Mask” is at the top of our list of essential resources.    We have provided a link to an online source that includes both PDF and EPUB versions here:

    Articles/Chapters:  In order to provide a quick introduction to some of the most essential concepts that Rosa covers in her book, we have reproduced a few of our favorite chapters. 

    OK, What is U.N. Agenda 21 and Why Should I Care?

    Creating Consensus:  The Delphi Technique

    OK, I Get it.  Now What?  What Can I do?



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