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    Evil Trolls and Library Snow Queens

    The Broken Mirror

    In Hans Christian Anderson’s tale The Snow Queen an evil troll creates a mirror that distorts everything it reflects.   The good and beautiful are seen as bad and ugly, and what is corrupt and perverse is seen as desirable. As the troll attempts to lift the mirror into the heavens to bring the whole world under its spell, the mirror shatters into thousands of pieces, each shard having the same corrupting power.

    This was a disaster for mankind, because when even the tiniest splinter of the broken mirror got into a person’s eye, it blinded them to what is true and virtuous and made them captive to evil influences who sought to defile and enslave them.

    As with many fairy tales, there is an underlying moral to the “Snow Queen” that rings true It seems that evil fairy dust from the bewitched mirror really does exist, and that it has gotten into the eyes of a number of Idaho’s politicians and library trustees.  This would explain why they view parents' efforts to protect children from sexual exploitation as bigotry, and the promotion of pornography in children’s libraries as free speech.

    A good example of someone whose vision appears to be entirely distorted by the troll’s evil influence is Judy Meyer, a long serving Community Library Network trustee.  Meyer has served as a Library Trustee since the 1980s, when most Kootenai libraries were still under local control.   Under Meyer’s leadership, CLN consolidated local libraries under a single governing board, made book selection policies conform to the dictates of the radicalized American Library Association, and removed hundreds of youth classics from the shelves to make way for modernist drivel and kiddie-porn. 

    Probably due to a large dose of evil fairy dust, Meyer is utterly blind to the damage she has done and has recently announced that she is running for another term as CLN Trustee.   Unsurprisingly, her campaign statement reeks of hypocrisy and falsehood. 

    “There are some in our community who would like to take over the Kootenai Country institutions and turn them into organizations that reflect their political or religious views. I am running for re-election so our libraries will continue to serve everyone. That means no political, social or religious agendas imposed on our patrons.”     (Meyer announces Re-election Campaign, CDA Press, March 24, 2023)

    From Meyer’s distorted perspective, the purveyors of perversion and pornography who are being criticized for exposing smut to children, are innocent victims of bigotry, and community members who want to protect their children from such garbage are the aggressors.  

    In what “community” is catering to leftist agitators, foisting trash on children, and normalizing sexual dysphoria “keeping our libraries agenda-free”.     Meyer’s campaign statement continues:

    “Our libraries contain books and programs that reflect the community’s values.”  We know this because we periodically survey library users to see if we are meeting their expectations.  The overwhelming response to our queries is “Yes!”  . . . . Our libraries are a true reflection of the communities we serve.”

    These statements contain at least two fallacies.   The first is sampling bias.  By surveying “library users” instead of “Kootenai Taxpayers”, Meyer’s survey excludes the sizeable number of residents who are so repelled by the cultural rot in public libraries that they no longer avail themselves of their services. 

    Someone should inform Mrs. Meyer that when you alienate and drive away a large segment of your potential patrons, polling only those who remain does not give a valid reading of customer satisfaction.  

    The second fallacy is semantic. Specifically, what exactly does Meyer mean when she says “the communities we serve.”  It is not obvious what “community”  Meyer serves, but she is clearly not referring to local residents.  Whose “Community’s Values” do her libraries reflect?  We think we know.

    Servants of the “Global Community.”

    Judy Meyer, her husband Steve, and her entire family are globalists, and the community they serve is the “global community”.   We could prove this by citing a list of the globalist service groups, foundations, and planning organizations they are involved with, but instead we will simply take Judy and Steve at their word.  This transcript is from a video in which the Meyers were asked to discuss the ways in which they contribute to their “community”.

    Judy:  It's very confirming for us to have the cultural and employment opportunities to thrive and grow and be a good global community. . . . .

    Steve:   Global Citizens.

    Judy: Yes, that’s a better word for it. 

    There you have it.  The wealthy and prominent Meyer family are proud globalists.  And their loyalties are to their Globalist cohorts, not to the citizens of Kootenai County.

    But what exactly is a "global community?"  What does the phrase even mean?  Judy and Steve Meyer seem have a very clear idea of what a globalist is, but do we?  

    From the point of view of those outside their network, globalists are hard to pin down.  Globalists can be Marxists, Crony-Capitalists, or "Philanthropists"; they can be Democrats, RINOs, or Libertarians; Atheists, Jews, or Christians.  No particular political or religious alignment defines a globalist.

    Globalism is not a belief system; it is a network of wealthy and influential persons who support each other, promote each other, and grant each other favors.  It is an oligarchy of well-connected "elites" and "insiders" who control an enormous amount of property and political power.  Globalism is an international fraternity of Marxists, moneymen, grifters, celebrities, CEOs, fraudulent authorities and political puppets, all rolled up into one festering worldwide cabal.   Or as George Carlin would say:  "It's a BIG CLUB."

    Globalists are loyal only to each other and they see the world differently than we do. Very differently.  Because like the Meyers, globalists have evil fairy dust stuck in their eyes and it completely warps their vision.

    Globalists and Evil Fairy Dust

    It is important to understand how Globalists view the world, because we cannot oppose them if we cannot understand their mindset.  And this is difficult because the priorities and affections of most globalists are the polar opposite of the rest of us.

    Regular people tend to focus on persons and institutions closest to them.  Our first loyalties are to our friends and families, then to our church, employer, and neighborhood.  With our remaining energy, we try to uphold our duties to our city, civic groups, and local charities. Lastly, we pledge allegiance to our state and country. But few of us are so swept away by foreign affairs or “global” causes that we make them our life’s focus.

    The priorities of globalists, on the other hand, are completely reversed.   Their only loyalties are to each other and they attach themselves to whatever globalist causes are currently in vogue among national "opinion leaders" (i.e. Covid, Climate Change, "Sustainability", War on Terror, etc.)   "Think Globally, Act Locally", is their motto, and they are insanely good at "controlling the narrative" by simultaneous, coordinated lying, and endless repetition of deceptive catch phrases.    Naturally, almost all mainstream media outlets are controlled by globalists, and international Fraternal Orders, such as the Rotarians, are particularly well positioned for Astroturfing operations. 

    Globalists take their cues only from other globalists and are dismissive of the concerns of their neighbors and constituents. They are always ready to sacrifice the best interests of local residents and cultural institutions on the altar of globalism, because In their view, a “Good Global Community”, is one where decisions are made by remote bureaucrats instead of independent local leaders, and everything is funded by "federal grants".  

    In a "Global Community", all schools, libraries, and civic organizations are governed according to globalist dictates, and all cultural institutions must conform or be forcibly “redeveloped”.   And the Meyers are committed to the task of imposing globalism on Kootenai County, no matter how much resistance they encounter. 

    Judy: “These [globalist] ideas about people’s values . . .have influenced our thinking, and maybe we can share some of those ideas by . . . .trying to guide what is the right path for the school system, or the community. . . . .

    Steve: “We’re just going to outlast the negativism”.

    Both: “We shall overcome!  Ha ha ha” 

    Steve: “We are consistent and persistent and committed to make this a good [globalist] place”.  


    Globalists, Literature, and Children

    The Evil Troll’s magic mirror in Andersen’s Snow Queen is an allegory that provides deep insights into the perverse viewpoint of globalist oligarchs. But some of the underlying themes of the story are darker still.   It is deeply disturbing how many Fairy Tales feature children being misled, captivated, kidnapped, or abused by adults who mean them harm.  

    Why is the abuse of vulnerable youth such a prominent theme in so many children’s stories?  And why would supposedly respectable adults defend the sexualization of children in any way?  It's crazy?  Who benefits from this type of perversion?  We may need to take a deeper, even more disturbing look at the horrid affects of the Troll's evil Fairy dust.

    Tyrants have always seen children as pawns to be manipulated.  And every oligarchy from  Sparta to the Soviet Union has tried to exert control over the education of children in order to sustain its power.   There is no country, including ours, in which state-run education has not had as its primary goal the manipulation and control of future generations.  

    And the horrifying truth is this:  grooming, manipulation, and sexual abuse are effective methods that nefarious rulers have long used to exert life-long control over their subjects.   Make no mistake. There is a method to their madness. Sexualization of young people in their formative years, before their affections can be property ordered, can misdirect their desires and make them easier to control.  

    It is wrong for conservatives to miscast the intentional corruption of children as a "liberal" issue.  There is absolutely nothing "liberal" about Globalism, and their fake concern for the rights of sexual minorities and "marginalized people" is a sham.  The only reason globalists promote radical social theories, materialism, and sexual perversions in the institutions they control is because a depraved culture weakens families and local communities, leaving them vulnerable to socialist schemes of totalitarian governments.  It's all about power. 

    We can now see that the Snow Queen, and her hypnotic and destructive influence on children is about more than just evil fairy dust. The story is full of occult images and disturbing characters who seem to have nefarious intent even as they help Gerda search for her friend Kai, held captive of the Snow Queen's palace.  Both Gerda and Kai are captured, drugged, and fondled by strangers in a manner which is not explicit but very indicative of manipulation and abuse.   And tragically, this type of grooming and abuse of children has a long, ignoble history, especially in cultures that openly tolerate slavery, sodomy, and child marriage. 

    It is clear that The Snow Queen deals with some very dark and disturbing issues, yet it does so in such a way that does not traumatize young people or rub their faces in filth and degeneracy.  Modern libraries, however, have no use for such subtleties. Instead of disguising difficult or disturbing themes under the cover of allegory or indirect references, they wallow in perversion, disfunction, and defilement, leaving nothing to the imagination and providing no quarter for innocence. 

    Dethrone the Globalist Library Queens

    Many Americans are baffled at the enormous control Globalists have over our country and cultural institutions.  But the manner in which a small group of nefarious elitists took control of almost all the reins of power is fairly simple.   Money, endorsements, and phony "community service" goes an long way in gaining political offices; and seats on the boards of most foundations and non-profits can simply be bought.    We have discussed this problem at length in articles such as the "Fellowship of the Stakeholders" series. 

    But the question is, how do we take back control of our civilization from the cult of globalist mavens and minions who currently hold sway?    The answer is, slowly but surely, step by step, office by office.

    It is obvious that the work of salvaging our corrupted and defiled schools, libraries, and cultural institutions will be the work of a generation, but we have to start somewhere.  And the next step should be to remove the Library Snow Queen Judy Meyer, and all of her globalist cohorts from the CLN Board of Trustees.   

    It took Meyers and her cronies decades to destroy the credibility and cultural integrity of Kootenai Public Libraries.  But at this point, only globalist minions, “useful idiots” and people who are ignorant of how raunchy and pandering our libraries have become are likely to actively support the re-election of Judy Meyer and Regina McCrea.

     It is true that if conservatives win a majority on the library board, the Snowflakes will have a meltdown.   No one should expect that the process of taking back our cultural institutions will be easy or smooth.  There are simply too many powerful elites, left-wing lap-dogs, and globalist hirelings whose livlihood is threatened to hope for a peaceful transition.   

    But the fact is, most Kootenai residents do not see the world through Globalist eyes, and do not condone using tax-payer funds to peddle marxist propaganda,  race-bating rubbish, and torrid, teeny-bopper trash to minors.  And once they understand that Judy Meyer and Regina McCrea are allied with forces that are actively working to debase our culture, corrupt youth and undermine families, they will vote to dethrone the CLN Library Snow Queens. 



    Sheepdog says (Apr 13, 2023):

    Former Senator Kathy Sims did a great job of informing public of the Urban Renewal District in CDA. If I recall correctly, the CDA Public Library's deed was given to them as collateral to borrow more money for their projects. Do you know who holds the deed to the library and was Judy Meyer involved in the Urban Renewal group too? Good work BTW. Very good.


    Noneya says (Feb 19, 2024):

    Wow! Sounds like you're the evil one.

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