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    Spy Cameras and "Smart Cities" Coming to Kootenai

    KMPO's Plans for a North Idaho Spy Center

    Most Kootenai residents are already aware that hundreds of new traffic cameras have been installed over the last few years that are capable to tracking their every move.   

    But they may not know that local planning agencies believe that even more surveillance is necessary.  The KMPO board (Kootenai Metro Planning Organization) is now actively considering approving a "Traffic Management Center," for the region.  The 26 million dollar data center,—paid for entirely by our magnanimous Federal government,—would require the installation of hundreds of additional cameras, and even worse, advanced computers and software to "process" the information.     

    The justification for this extreme intrusion into the privacy of local citizens is that a TMC would improve "safety" and "traffic flow", but these are false promises, and most of the officials who support the planned TMC are either ignorant of its true purpose or are so addicted to “Free money” from the Federal government that they are incapable of serving the best interests of their constituents.  

    How can we stop this?  Well the first thing to do is to educate ourselves and our fellow citizens about the threat imposed by surveillance devices and Traffic Management Centers. And that starts with exposing the lies told by government officials to reassure citizens that traffic cameras are harmless and that they are not being spied on

    The camara feeds shown above are intentionally misleading.  The digitized output of high resolution
    cameras is intended to be processed by advanced A.I. programs, not viewed by humans.   

    "No One is Spying on Folks"

    This excerpt from an article promising Kootenai residents that that a Traffic Management Center could reduce congestion, makes the claim that "No one is spying on Folks", but this is an outright lie.  

    Let’s start by debunking the article's false assurances that TMC's only deal with live feeds and that "They are not recording devices". The fact is, the camaras being installed all over North Idaho are ultra-high resolution, "smart" cameras that can digitally capture and process detailed information about everything within its range of vision.    

    But even if the data from these cameras were intended only for legitimate "authorized" purposes,—which is doubtful,—it would be impossible to protect from bad actors because all electronic data that passes over any electronic network (public or private) is accessible by anyone with proper authorization or sufficient technical know-how.  

    Officials assure us that their systems will "not store images",  but this is utterly meaningless.   "Intelligent Traffic Systems," like the one envisioned by the architects of KMPO's TMC do not use visual images. They use digitized data that is encrypted in such a way that only the people who control the surveillance software would know how much information was being collected.    

    And who controls the Traffic surveillance software?   Well if the Federal Government installs the cameras it is 100 percent certain that Federal intelligence agencies would have access to all the surveillance data they generate. And there is considerable proof that the planning agencies behind TMCs are closely affiliated with the CIA.   We will discuss these proofs later, but for now, it’s enough to know that

    • Promises that the citizens are “not being spied on” are meaningless, 
    • Digital recognition software is now so advanced that processing just a few frames of a car in traffic can determine the speed, vehicle type, license plate, and facial characteristics of passengers in very car under surveillance.  
    • Federal Intelligence agencies will have access to all of the data derived from the surveillance systems they install in our area.
    • Contractors for Federal Intelligence agencies wrote the surveillance software in the first place.  

    TMCs Provide NO VALUE to Local Travellers

    TMC’s were conceived of by globalist intelligence agencies for the purpose of monitoring and controlling the population.  But in order to sell the idea to local representatives of regional agencies such as KMPO, they are promoted as a way to improve traffic flow, safety, and response times to emergency situations. 

    But all these promises are false.  TMCs  have no beneficial influence on local traffic  because they offer solutions to problems that have already been solved.  Google Maps, 911 dispatching, and traffic signal synchronization software already exists, and they already provide all the benefits promised by TMCs. 

    Almost every driver in America already has Google Maps on their phone. Google Maps (which was itself originally developed for the CIA), already uses aggregate cellphone data for "real time performance analytics," notifies its users of traffic delays, and suggests alternative routes. And Google's method of using aggregated cell data to provide traffic analysis on all possible routes is far more effective than visual feeds from stationary cameras ever could be.  

    The 911 system already provides "early incident detection, notification, and response capabilities" and it works quite well.  When incidents occur, 911 dispatchers have access to multiple onsite witnesses in close proximity, who can provide far more useful information than stationary cameras ever could. 

    And traffic light synchonization technology already exists and has been used for decades to optimize traffic flow.   Some systems are not well designed, but a poorly designed traffic light synchronization system cannot be fixed with additional cameras.

    The truth is, the schemers behind TMCs have something entirely different in mind.  They are not trying to "improve" conventional traffic movement.  They are laying the groundwork for a fully automated Intelligent Traffic System in which all vehicular movement is based on "connected vehicle" algorithms and controlled by government computers.  

    Yet KMPO is serious about building a Regional TMC facility.   An RFP for TMC Planning has already been issued and a decision on whether to proceed with construction will be made in the next few months.   

    There is no credible justification for building a TMC in Kootenai County and the only reason it is even being considered is that KMPO takes its direction from Federal Agencies with a "Globalist" Agenda, and is not accountable to the people of Kootenai County.    This brings up the question. . . 

    What is KMPO?

    Most area residents have no idea what the Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization is or how much power it has over our local government. 

    KMPO is funded by the US Department of Transporation and it is responsible for certifying that our local governments have met all federal requirementsbefore receiving federal highway funds.   It is a gate-keeper for millions of federal dollars and wields enormous power over regional transportation, but its directors are not accountable to local voters.  Who then is KMPO accountable to?  

    The board that "oversees" KMPO does consist of locally elected city and highway officials, but it meets only once a month and KMPO’s priorities are set by the Executive Director, who takes his direction from the U.S. Department of Transportation.   The KMPO board is expected to approve the recommendations of the director in almost all cases, and if it deviates from expectations, no federal highway money will be forthcoming.   NISGR has written about how KMPO imposes federal priorities on local goverment in the article How Federal Highway Funds Dictate Kootenai Growth Plans.   

    We will revisit these issues again. But for now we need only make clear that KMPO is a Federally mandated planning agency, whose mission is to force Kootenai County to conform to its futuristic vision of "smart growth" and 24/7 surveillance.    KMPO is one of the primary agencies working to impose Agenda 21 and Smart Cities on North Idaho, and any resident who does not want to be imprisoned in a globalist surveillance camp, needs to pay attention

    Intelligence Agencies are Behind KMPO’s TMC

    We have shown that traffic cameras are high resolution sensors that can identify and track the movements of both vehicles and individuals. But who uses this information, and what do they do with it? 

    When NISGR write the original article asserting that KMPO's Traffic Management Center would be a Spy Hub for Federal Intelligence agencies, we started by linking private consulting firms involved in TMC design and implementation, such as  Booz Allan Hamilton, and Kapsch Trafficom, to the Central Intelligence Agency. This was easy to do, since both companies are known contractors for Intelligence Agencies, and have offices within a few miles of the CIA's Headquarters in McLean, Virginia.   

    But there are much more definite proofs.    When we wrote the previous article we neglected to mention that the Federal Highway Administrations primary ITS Research lab,  was not only located in the area of McLean, it is actually located WITHIN CIA's 250 acre Main Campus at Langley.   Wow.   What an oversight. 

    Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center  (TFHRC) is FHWA's most advanced research facility, and it specializes in  "Intelligent Transporation Systems", which include such futuristic technologies as self-driving cars, vehicle recognition systems, and artificial intelligence.     As the Google map below shows, TFHRC is directly within CIA Headquarters, and this is probably necessary because ITS relies on such advance software, networking, data integration, and security capabilities, that it cannot be developed outside of a government intelligence agency. 

    The map shows the location of Booz Allen Hamilton, Kapsch Trafficom, and TFHRC relative the CIA Headquarters in McLean Virgina.   Iteris also has a research facility (not shown on map) a few miles to the west of BAH. 

    It is almost certain that all the software controling the high surveillance camaras in a TRC was written and is maintained by intelligence agencies, or by contractors such as Booz Allen Hamilton,  who have been involved with TMC's and connected vehicle technology, since the beginning.   What this means is that any assurances on the part of KMPO or any local transportation agencies that "no one is spying on folks" is utterly meaningless.  Local operaters may have no idea what data is actually being recorded or used, or by whom, since only national intelligence agencies would have the whole picture. 

    Evidence that American intelligence agencies and their contractors are behind the Traffic Management Centers, and that they plan to use these centers to implement advanced ITS and surveillance systems is overwhelming.  And even Iteris, the company currently developing plans for KMPO's TMC is involved, since along with BAH, it was a lead architect of FHWA's  Connected Vehicle Security Protocols.   

    It is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that the FHWA is openly collaborating with the CIA,  and knowingly or unknowingly,  KMPO administrators who deny involvement of Federal Intelligence agencies with TMCs are being untruthful.  

    What are Smart Cities?

    Few people know that the word “smart”, as in smart phones, smart carts, smart appliances, and smart meters, is really an acronym. It stands for “self-monitoring analysis and reporting technologies.”   Virtually all “Smart” devices contain some sort of microprocessor and are capable of monitoring activity, collecting data, and exchanging data with other smart devices.

    And the world is already awash in SMART technology.   We are already under constant surveillance by the electronic devices we use daily.  With this much data already being collected, why are “smart cities”, with camaras at every corner even necessary?  Don’t intelligence agencies already have all the tools they need to spy on us?

    Not quite.   For some purposes, ubiquitous camaras and sensors are necessary. After all, we can leave our smart phones and applicances at home.   Therefore, if the intention is to control the movement of individuals, implement a social credit system, and limit access to particular venues, facial recognition is needed in all public spaces.   And if the goal is to lay the groundwork for self-driving cars and “Intelligent Transportation Systems”, a network of interconnected sensor along all transportation routes is required.

    Smart cities will be surveillance camps where compliance with government dictates is mandatory, and the people in them will be inmates of an invisible prison.  And the command centers of these “Smart Cities” will be the Traffic Management Systems, conceived of, funded by, and under the control of federal intelligence agencies.  

    The globalist masterminds and central planners behind “Traffic Management Centers” have a very different vision of the future than we do.   They envision a completely controlled city where traffic flows smoothly, not because the TMCs provide individual drivers with useful information, but because there are no individual drivers.   Personal freedom is too messy for central planners.  Why rely on individuals making “good” decisions about driving, when “intelligent transportation” system can solve traffic problems for everyone by dispensing with personal autonomy altogether.   


    What You Can Do

    If all of this seems absurdly futuristic and far-fetched, think again.   The technology required for facial recognition, round the clock surveillance, self-driving cars, and a myriad other invasive “SMART” Technology already exists.   It is just a matter of setting up data processing centers, such as KMPO's forthcoming "Traffic Management Center"  to integrate all the information.

    The first step in Stopping Smart Cities, is to education yourself and those around you.  Her in idaho, a group of local activists are organizing to oppose Surveillance Cities, and they have created a website called “Stop Smart Cities”.  (

    You can also view the Aman Jabbi’s video, The Final Lockdown.  Mr. Jabbi is an electrical engineer, now residing in Montana, who worked for many years on digital camaras in Silicon Valley.  He is extremely knowledgeable of the technical details involved and is deeply concerned about the direction this technology is going.

    Besides educating yourself about Smart Technology, it is important to become familiar with the priorities and activities of KMPO, a largely unaccountable federal agency.  KMPO uses the lure of Federal Highway funding to impose a globalist vision of “Smart” growth on the whole region, and it needs to be stopped even at the cost of a loss of Federal money for road construction.  

    It is essential that Kootenai residents make sure that their representatives on KMPO are responsive to the concerns of local citizens, and  we can start by helping to shut down KMPO’s plan to allow for a federally funded TMC. 

    There is enough evidence to prove that KMPO's TMC is being designed as a spy hub,  that concerned citizens should object strenuously to this project and do all in their power to prevent it from ever being built.





    Pamela Tyler says (Jun 25, 2023):

    Do not let this happen, government is in our business too much already.


    JoAnne Rogers says (Jun 28, 2023):

    If these people are so concerned about traffic, why aren’t they screaming about all the apartments going in?


    Paolo Gucci says (Jul 15, 2023):

    your pet hamster will have more rights than you. You can't read its mind.


    Jerri says (Oct 25, 2023):

    Obviously , people are not taking this serious. How do you wake people who think they are awake?

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