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    Precinct Wars: MAGA Patriots vs. RINOs

    Wow!   The Battle of the Precinct Committeemen is getting HOT!

    The traitorous band of FAKE Republicans who used to control the Idaho GOP want their party back.  They are going on the offensive to restore their lost influence, and the battle is being fought at the precinct level.   Right now, oodles of stakeholder money—up to $2 Million—is flowing into the coffers of RINO precinct races, state wide

    You heard that right. MILLIONS of IACI corporate dollars are being pledged to unseat Conservative Patriot Precinct Committeemen throughout Idaho!  This is unprecedented.

    In Northern Idaho, the RINOs lost control of the Kootenai Republican Committee several years ago, so in 2022 a group of 80 dethroned establishment loyalists formed a new political organization called North Idaho Republicans (NIR).   Its purpose was to counter the MAGA conservatives who had taken over KCRCC,  but so far, NIR has failed to trick local conservatives into rallying behind their RINO candidates. 

    So to wriggle their way back into power, NIR’s FAKE Republicans have come up with plan to destroy their MAGA Conservative enemies by over-running KCRCC with NIR-controlled RINO puppets.  To achieve this, local stakeholders are flooding PRECINCT COMMITTEMAN races with money, in hopes of knocking out enough independent minded PCs to return KCRCC to RINO control. 


    Who are the North Idaho Republicans? 

    Since the “North Idaho Republicans” are leading the charge to overthrow MAGA Conservatives and return KCRCC to RINO control, this is an excellent time to remind Kootenai Voters who is behind NIR, and who they really work for.  (Hint:  It’s not the residents of Kootenai county.)

    When NIR was founded in April 2022, about 80 prominent RINOs publicly identified themselves with the group.  This provided a great opportunity to research and expose Kootenai County's RINO stakeholder stalwarts.

    The article  Fellowship of the Stakeholders: RINOs and Rotarians provides short bios of all 80 founders.  It is worth reading in full, but we've provided a few highlights, starting with the professional associations of NIR leaders. They are extremely lopsided in favor of the property-owing, "investor" class: 

    • 5 Associates of Hagadone Corp.
    • 15 Bankers, Investors, and Finance Professionals
    • 13 Development, Real Estate, and Utilities Professionals
    • 8 Land, Lumber, and Mining Industry Leaders
    • 20 Gov. Office Holders, Admins, Lawyers and Public Saftey
    • 8 Health, Education, and Fund Raising Professionals
    • 11 Other occupations


    As this list shows, many NIR RINOs are property owners, investors, or developers,  and almost all are pro-growth, pro-big-government,  pro-globalist, corporate minions.   They represent the stakeholders, not the common people of North Idaho.


    The NIR-Rotarian-RINO Nexus

    Now let’s show a few charts that illustrate NIR's associations with other political organizations.   The first is ROTARY INTERNATIONAL.   Of the 84 “founders” listed on the NIR website, almost half are members of the Rotary Club.  It would seem that NIR and the Rotary Club are joined at the hip.  Both groups are composed of a high percentage of investors, developers, and financial interests, and there are even more Rotarians in Kootenai County (over 300) than there are NIR founders (~80).  


    The Fellowship of the Stakeholders article describes the cozy relationship between NIR and the Rotary Club.  And it will be important to understand  when we look at the RINO Globalist “challengers”, that NIR has recruited in the Precinct Wars.  Over a third are Rotarians!!  


    FAKE Republicans and Open Primaries

    Another group that the NIR-Rotarian-RINOs are associated with is Republicans for Open Primaries.   This is a group that wants to allow Democrats, Libertarians, and anyone at all to help choose which Republicans should represent Idahoans in primary elections.     Makes total sense if you are a FAKE Republican with no principles to defend, or perhaps, a Globalist RINO  


    Notice that of the 41 so-called "Republicans" from Kootenai County who have signed on to this initiative,—which effectively nullifies Idaho’s Republican political party,—all but six are NIR founders.      This makes it crystal clear that the political affiliation of "North Idaho Republicans" is a false front, unconnected with any meaningful commitment to conservative principles.   

    NIR leaders and their Rotarian cohorts dominate not only Republicans for Open Primaries, but almost every other RINO political group, commission, and foundation in Kootenai County.   Many are outright leftists who work side-by-side with Democrats on every “non-partisan” civic project in the county.    In short, the North Idaho Republicans are imposters; not Republicans at all.

    Professional Associations of NIR Precinct Candidates

    Now that we know who NIR really represents we are ready to consider the 70 candidates for Precinct Committeemen that NIR has recruited to run against KCRCC MAGA conservatives.   First let’s evaluate their professional associations.

    • 6 Bankers, Investors, and Finance
    • 11 Development, Lumber and Real Estate
    • 11 Government Admin., Environmental
    • 8 Public Safety, Lawyers
    • 19 Education, and Children’s Charities
    • 8 Healthcare
    • 7 Other occupations.


    Just like the NIR founders, the occupations of NIR’s candidates are almost entirely in either Finance and development, or Government service.   However, the Precinct candidates are far more concentrated in government sector professions,—especially education, healthcare, and public safety—than the NIR founders.  

    Over half of NIR’s PC recruits are either public sector employees or are trustees of Foundations or School Boards.   And we all know that Public Employee unions are the life-blood of the Democratic party.  This is more evidence that when recruiting candidates to run against conservative PCs, NIR chose a great many Democrats in disguise

    But there is more.  As we have seen, many NIR founders were either Rotarians, or board members of foundations, commissions, or non-profits that are dominated by RINOS.   And lo-and-behold, many of their PC candidates, are  likewise involved in Globalist-RINO  dominated foundations, civic groups, or commissions.  For example:  

    • 24 Rotarians or NIR Founders 
    • 13 Chamber of Commerce or Jobs Plus
    • 14 Educational Foundations or School Boards    
    • Hospital Boards or Children’s Charities


    How to Keep KCRCC Conservative

    If the attempted takeover of KCRCC by establishment NIR RINO-Imposters concerns you, these are a few things you can do to help Preserve MAGA-Patriot Control of the KC GOP.

    Vote for Conservatives, Tuesday May 21st.    Often busy conservatives in Republican neighborhoods, assume their vote is not needed.   In the Precinct Wars, however, your vote, is absolutely necessary.   Conservatives loose ground when turnout is low.

    VOTE IN PERSON IF POSSIBLE.  It is important to vote IN PERSON, rather than Absentee.   If you are unavailable on May 21st, vote EARLY at the Kootenai County Elections Office, May 13-17th.    It has been proven time and again that Absentee votes are unsafe and the Post Office is unreliable!   NIR and their Democrat allies, promote absentee voting for this reason.  

    Tell your Friends and Neighbors to Vote May 21st, IN PERSON.   Make sure your neighbors are informed, and understand the issues. 

    Support Conservative Candidates either financially, by volunteering to do sign waves or canvassing.   RINOs have an enormous advantage over patriots in financial donations and professional assistance.  A small number of patriots currently bear most of the burden of maintaining conservatives in office.  

    Get to know your Precinct Leader, and other Conservative leaders in your area.   City Council, Highway district, School districts, and even Idaho congressional races need to be organized regionally, so Conservatives need to network within their own communities.    Your precinct leader should know where help is most needed. 

    Know Thy Enemy.   It is obvious that you need to know who your precinct leaders is, and who reliable conservatives in your area are.  But in this environment, you need to know the enemy as well.   The NIR-RINO activists are imposters and deceivers, and never fail to represent themselves as conservatives.    They have plenty of money, good connections, and they lie about themselves and their opponents.  It is easy to be misled if you don't know who they are and what they're up to.  

    Network by Neighborhood

    In order to help you recognize both MAGA Patriots and RINO imposters in your own community, we have organized lists of both KCRCC recommended Conservatives, and RINO FAKE REPUBLICANS, by neighborhood.   

    No one needs to know every Precinct Committeeman in Kootenai County, but everyone should know who the MAGA leaders, and RINO imposters are in their community.   So click on your neighborhood to learn who your reliable, conservative MAGA precinct captains are, as well as FAKE Republicans, Globalists and RINOs, running under the NIR Banner.  

    Printable PDF MAGA vs. RINO Precinct War Flyers for each Community is also availabe.

    Note:  In addition to indicating MAGA Patriots as GREEN, and RINO Imposters as RED, in the following charts, we have also color coded candidate associations.   RINO dominated organizations are indicated in RED and Government Agencies  in BLUE.  We have done so because NIR appears to have recruited many of its PCs from these sources. 


    Spirit Lake, Athol, HarrisonMAGA Patriots vs. RINO Imposters

    Vote for These MAGA Conservatives

    201    Charles Bemhard  (Spirit Lake)  
    202    Kathy Clark    (Athol) 
    203    Melania Vender Feer     (Athol) 
    204    Michael Jehnichen  (Athol, Bayview) 
    205    Brent Reagan     (East CDA) 
    206    David Seurynck  (Harrison) 
    207    Richard Meyer    (Harrison)   
    208    Jamie Hass    (Caldwell)  

    RINO Imposters—Do Not Trust

    201   Colleen Attebury—Spirit Lake Elem., hair-dresser  
    202   Cherish Hansen—Winton Elem., CDA Schools. Ran for Lakeland SD Board
    203   John HeacockLexar Homes Dir., Sandpoint, Construction  
    204   Bob ThortonBayview Fire Protection District
    205   David Patzer—Business partner of oil baron Delbert KerrROTARY Club. CDA Ignite.
    206   Rand WichmanDeveloper, Land Use Consult., KC Community Dev., EXCEL, ROTARY Club
    207   Bev TwillmannCASA volunteer. Professional Story Teller.  

    Athol, Spirit Lake, Harrison MAGA vs RINO Printable PDF


    Twin Lakes, Hauser, RathdrumMAGA Patriots vs. RINO Imposters


    Vote for These MAGA Conservatives

    301    James Hossack  (Twin Lakes) 
    302    Steve Cochran  (N. Rathdrum, Scarcello)
    303    Pierce Duncan  (N. Rathdrum, Chilco)   
    304    Hendrick Mills    (Hauser) 
    305    Mary White    (N. Rathdrum, Hidden Valley)  
    306    Tonya Merritt   (Rathdrum)
    307    Nina Beesley  (Rathdrum)
    308    Anita Dunzyk    (Rathdrum)  
    309    Judy Fujimoto   (Rathdrum)

    RINO Imposters—Do Not Trust

    301   Tim Skubitz—Owner of Rathdrum McDonald's. ROTARY Club. Rathdrum Chamber, KROC.
    304   Pete Broschet—Protégé of Empire Air NIR-RINO Tim Komberc. ISBE Appointed NIC Trustee.
    302   Sheila Holfeitz— Preschool Owner, Water Board, PTA. Ran for Lakeland SD Board.
    303   Kirk David— Forester,  V.P. Idaho Forest Owners Association. 
    305   Duncan BellLTE writer: KCRCC is RACIST!! Retired Pharmacist, Wife is Lakeland SD teacher.
    306  Vic HolmesRathdrum Mayor, ID Assoc. of Cities, KMPO, Rathdrum Chamber, Lions Club.
    307   Molly Bauer— Health Records, TruBridge. Ran for Rathdrum City CouncilSpouse is PF City Employee.
    308   Will Havercroft— Athletic Dir, Lakeland HS. Army veteran.
    309   Mark GortonMt. View Alt. School, Lakeland SD, ID Prof. Standards Commission.  Rathdrum P & Z

      Rathdrum MAGA vs. RINO Printable PDF         


    Hayden, Dalton GardensMAGA Patriots vs. RINO Imposters

    Vote for These MAGA Conservatives

    310    Luke Sommer    (West Hayden)  
    311    Valeriya Rourke  (North Hayden)  
    312    Greg McKenzie  (East Hayden, NIC Trustee)   
    313    Tamara Bateman   (Hayden Lake)  
    314    Paul Mahlow (Hayden Lake)      
    315    Nicole Barnett    (East Hayden)    
    316    Randy Hartzell  (West Hayden)  
    317    Christina Beggs (West Hayden)  
    318    Sandy White   (West Hayden, City Council Member)  
    319    Walt Sackman     (East Hayden) 
    320    John Howard    (Dalton Gardens) 
    321    Justin Rupinski   (Dalton Gardens)   

    RINO Imposters—Do Not Trust

    310  Randee GoodwinSafe Passage. Golf Club at Black Rock.
    311 Pierce CleggNIR. Former KC Sheriff. NI Fair. Rep for Open Primaries.
    312  Casey MorrisroeCDA School Board. Specialty Recreation and Marine.  
    313  Susan Thilo—ROTARY Club. KH Foundation, NIC Trustee, ISBE, EXCEL, CDA Chamber, etc. 
    314  Kellie Palm—Former PC, Old Guard RINO. KC Rep. Women Fed.
    315 Britt Towery—T3 Consulting. KH Foundation. ROTARY Club. KROC Advisors. Charter Academy.
    316  Dene Joubert— Paralegal. Better Business Bureau. NIC Advisor.
    317  Charlene Matheson—NIR. KW Real Estate. KC Rep. Women Fed.
    318  Nancy Jones— League of Women Voters. KC Communications Office. ID Risk Management.
    319 John YoungYoung Construction. HURA. ROTARY. NIR. NIC Foundation. KH Foundation. CDA 2030. 
    320  Aaron O'BrienDalton City Council. Northern Lakes FD.
    321  Charlie SperchtClarity Wealth, Investment advisor. Eagles Club, Elks Club, Boy Scouts.

     Hayden MAGA vs. RINO Printable PDF     


    West Coeur d'AleneMAGA Patriots vs. RINO Imposters


    Vote for These MAGA Conservatives

    322    Lori Anderson    (Ramsey/Prairie)  
    401    Kara Claridge   (The Landings) 
    402    Terri Seymour  (The Landings)   
    403    Virginia Williams  (Atlas/Wilbur) 
    404    Janice Camerena   (Coeur d'Alene Place) 
    405    Barbara Hedden    (Ramsey/Hanley) 
    406    Beverly Guenette   (Indian Meadows) 
    407   No MAGA   (Fairway Dr) 
    408   Roger Garlock  (Fruitla nd/Howard)    
    413   Glenn Avery  (Riverstone) 

    RINO Imposters—Do Not Trust 

    322   Penelope Harries-Morris—Paralegal. Old Guard RINO.  KC Rep. Women Fed.  Reported scheme to infiltrate Dems.
    401   Michael Baker—CEO Heritage Health. CDA 2030. Kootenai Connect. NI Pride Alliance!  ROTARY Club.  Ultra-FAKE REPUBLICAN. 
    402  Suzanne MetzgerCDA Chamber. Anti-KCRCC ETL writer. CPA, Chatters & Metzger, Bank of CDA.
    403   Justin SchorzmanCoeur Group, Children's Village, CDA Resort, Kootenai Health
    404   Joshua Dahlstrom—Business Strategist, Intellitect, CDA Chamber, Boy Scouts. Hayden Canyon Charter.
    405  Marc Stewart—Marketing, Heritage Health, CDA Press. Opposes Indy Journalists. 
    406  Todd TondeeReal Estate. KC Transit. KC Commissioner. PF Council. PF Hwy Dist. ROTARY Club. 
    407  Mary SouzeFormer ID Senator. CDA P & Z. Event planner.

    West CDA MAGA vs RINO Printable PDF


    East Coeur d'AleneMAGA Patriots vs. RINO Imposters


    Vote for These MAGA Conservatives 

    409    Stephanie Schad (Fairgrounds) 
    410    Brian Smith   (Shadduck Ln)  
    411    Randy Neal   (Honeysuckle)  
    412    Doug Bacon   (Nettleson Gulch) 
    414    Bjorn Handeen  (Best) 
    415    Majorie Desgrosseilliers  (Mid Town)   
    416    No MAGA  (Fort Grounds) 
    417    Elisha Toews (Mid Town) 
    418    Richard Price (Garden District) 
    419    Lisa Whitehead  (Sanders Beach/Harbor View) 
    420    Joe Alfieri (Fernan Village)

    RINO Imposters—Do Not Trust 

    408  Britt ThurmanMuseum of North Idaho, Dir. ROTARY Club 
    409  Dave Raglin—Logistics, BNSF Railway, Running against MAGA for ID Rep.
    410  Sid Smith—Am. Mining Assoc. On staff of U.S. Sen. Craig & Risch. Son of U.S. Attorney for Idaho.  ROTARY Club. 
    411  Lisa Aitken—Marketing Pita Pit (works for Riggs!!), former Kootenai Health, CASA volunteer.
    412  Jim HammondCDA Mayor. City Admin. ISBE. Jobs Plus.  Assn. ID Cities. ROTARY Club, etc. 
    414   Katie Hunt—Express Employment, ROTARY Club. CDA Chamber, VFW Auxiliary, Lady d'Alenes,

    415   Wendy Gabriel—Married to CDA Fire Chief. Former CDA Administrator, former KC Dep. Prosecutor. Old Guard RINO.
    417   Kathleen Tillman Coldwell Banker. Former L.E. EXCEL. PTA.
    418    Dan Scheckler— Attorney in Private Practice. Not accepting NIR Marketing assistance.
    419   Darin HayesD.A. Davidson, ROTARY Club, CDA Chamber, CDA Ignite, KH Foundation. Get $mart Idaho.
    420    Pete ErblandNIR. Lake City Law (provides municipal legal services). Rep. For Open Primaries.

    East_CDA_MAGA vs. RINO Printable PDF


    Stateline, West Post FallsMAGA Patriots vs. RINO Imposters


    Vote for These MAGA Conservatives

    323    David Crane (State Line)     
    501    Todd Pierce  (State Line)    
    502    John Moore  ()
    503    David Stoltz    ()
    504    Eric Klinkhammer ()
    505    Jason Te Nyenhuis ()
    506    Jeff Populus    ()
    507    Randy Westlund  (Current City Council) 
    508    Jill Storm    ()
    509    Will Amaya ()
    510    John Moore    ()
    511    Carla Bonney ()

    RINO Imposters—Do Not Trust

    323   Dave PaulUSDA Risk Management, PF SD Board, NI Fair, Future Farmers of America.
    501   John Coles— Owner, Skyview Construction. Utility contractor.
    502   Pam HouserHeritage Health. KC Fire Rescue. PF Chamber. ROTARY. NIR. Jobs Plus.
    503   Eric Knudtsen—Knudtsen Auto Sales .NIR. Politically active RINO Family.
    504   Ryan DavisBank of CDA. ROTARY. NIR Post Falls P & Z.
    505   Amy BoniHeritage Health marketing, PF Chamber. Windermere, Orchard Ridge.
    506   no Contest
    507   Kurtis Thornton MDI Construction.
    508   James SteffenseBanner Bank. Post Falls P & Z. PF Parks & Rec.  
    509   Vicky Jo Carey—KROC Center, PF Chamber, PF P & Z Commission (Voted AGAINST upzone).
    510   Bob "Bones" Kasun—Retired US Forest Service, PF Food Bank, PF Parks & Rec Commission.
    511   Paul WagnerKC Fire Commission, PF SD Trustee, retired Forester, Inland Paper, PF Lions Club, KC Fire & Rescue, wife PF SD.

    West Post Falls MAGA vs RINO Printable_PDF   


    East Post FallsMAGA Patriots vs. RINO Imposters


    Vote for These MAGA Conservatives

    512    Marc Eberlein   (Candidate for KC Commisioner) 
    513    Don Eichler    ()
    514    Michael Burgess    ()
    515    Dan Eloe    ()
    516    Bruce Kempton  ()
    517    Megan Rounds    ()
    518    Todd Banducci   (NIC Trustee) 

    RINO Imposters—Do Not Trust

    512   Kirk HjeltnessU.S. Airforce. E.R. Doctor. Urgent Care. NW Specialty Hospital.
    513   Chris Holloway—Photographer. N.I. Fair & Rodeo. Spouse is Investor, Northern Capital.
    514   Russell Mann—Owns Brewing Company. Wired2Learn Fdn. ROTARY Club. Vocal anti-KCRCC.
    515   Chuck MehalechkoReal Estate.
    516   Dan RedlineID Dept. Environmental Quality, retired. CDA Charter Academy, Boy Scouts.
    517   Levi Snyder—Manager, Monogram Homes. Board of Directors, NIBCA
    518   Patty Ransom—Owns Ransom Machines. Involved in SaveNIC.


    Cougar Gulch, WorleyMAGA Patriots vs. RINO Imposters


    Vote for These MAGA Conservatives

    519    Tony Wisniewski      (S. Post Falls) 
    520    Jeff Tyler                   (Cougar Gulch)
    521    Doug Balija             (Cougar Gulch)
    522    Michelle Grossglauser        (Worley)

    RINO Imposters—Do Not Trust

    519    Kibbee Walton—Photographer, Artisan Portrait. ROTARY Club.
    520    Phil CooperWorley Hwy Dist.  ID Dept. Fish and Game.
    521    Jim Barton— Retired Airline Captain, Dept. Homeland Security.
    522    Damon DarakjyJaeger Family (CDA Resort) , Marines, ID Nat. Guard. American Legion.



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