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    Kootenai Health, Crony Capitalists, and the Health Corridor


    At its December meeting, the Kootenai Health (KH) Board of Trustees voted to turn over guardianship of the publicly-owned KH hospital to a non-profit foundation whose board is privately controlled.    

    And who exactly are the new owners?  The KH Foundation is composed mainly of banking, finance, and development professionals who are significantly more pro-growth than the community at large.  This is convenient, because the KH administration’s “vision” for the future involves continued consolidation of healthcare services and aggressive growth.

    In recent years Kootenai Health has more than doubled its annual revenues (to over $800M), expanded its network of hospitals, increased its number of employees, and invested over $350M in new facilities.   And that's just for starters.

    Kootenai Health's Vision 2030 Plan is to transform itself into a “Premier Medical Destination”.   It’s not exactly clear what that is, but bigger is better.   KH no longer  sees itself as a “Community Hospital” with limited scope.  It's plan for the future is to tranform itself into a gigantic, impersonal, "destination" healthcare conglomerate with an ever-expanding range of services, close coordination with CDA “redevelopment” agencies, and an ever-growing field of influence. 

    The assessment indicates the nonprofit model provides benefits, such as (1) governance continuity without the limitations of a two-year election cycle. . . . and (2) enhance access to capital and diversified investment opportunities prohibited by the hospital district structure.  (From letter justifying privatization)

    It is now clear why the transfer of control to a “non-profit” agency, controlled by stakeholders instead of voters is necessary.   "Expansion and redevelopment” is the name of the game, and by going private (1) voters will not be able to limit the growth or control the priorities of KH, and (2) insider deals with well-connected investment and development firms will not be subject to public scrutiny.   


    The underhanded way in which the the KH Trustees surrendered control of the Hospital makes it obvious that the Board is not answerable to the people of Kootenai County and has not been for many years.  Instead of allowing the public time to consider the issue, the conversion was planned by "insiders" behind closed doors and timed to forestall a trustee election that was only five months away.     

    The argument that Kootenai residents are better off with no transparency into the operations of the largest medical center in the region is preposterous. But the fact is, "Local" control of public hospitals that are funded, regulated, and accredited by Federal agencies, has been waning for many years. 

    There has been a continuing movement, especially in the last fifty years, to "Federalize" health care policy and funding.  It took decades to turn what was once an effective, inexpensive, and community-based health care system that relied on home remedies, homeopathic methods, independent doctors, local charities, and “community hospitals” into an ever-expanding, all-invasive, federally-financed behemoth.    

    Improvements in health care “technology” in recent decades have been significant.  But instead making modern diagnostic and surgical methods inexpensive and accessible to all, advanced medical technology has only fueled a destructive trend toward credentialization, specialization, and regulatory tyranny that makes it impossible to democratize health care.   

    In the perverse world of "Modern Medicine", an advanced degree is required to administer an ultrasound or dress a wound;  traditional medicines that cannot be patented are outlawed; doctors face malpractice suits if they dissent from medical "orthodoxies";  and permitted treatments are determined by insurance companies, not doctors.  Meanwhile, the definition of “public-health” is ever-expanding, and almost everyone who sets foot in a doctors office is diagnosed with a chronic condition requiring permanent medication.  

    The American health care system is a perverse, overly-complicated, socialized, federalized,  over-regulated disaster that cannot be "fixed" by better oversight at the local level.  All the KH Board could hope to do was to moderate the rate expansion and consolidation.  But even that is too much of an obstruction for those who want nothing to stand in the way of converting KH into a "Premier" Medical Monstrosity.   


    Before pointing some of the glaring conflicts of interest involved in the transference of Kootenai Health to a private Foundation, we want to iterate that America’s Health Care system is extremely complicated, and charting a good path forward is perplexing, even for honest medical professionals who are sincerely seeking the best way forward.   There are good and sincere people who support Kootenai Health’s expansion, either because they honestly believe “bigger is better” or because they see no viable alternative. That said, there is clearly a pro-growth network at work, composed of people and corporations who stand to profit as the Kootenai Health conglomerate expands.  

    The charts below show that half the members of the KH Board, and three fourths the KH Foundation, are Rotarians-RINOS (NIR) and/or investors and developers.   We have discussed problems related to Rotarian-RINO control of civic organizations in previous articles. 


    The first problem is that people associated with Rotarian-RINO networks, such as the Rotary Club, NIR, Chamber of Commerce, and Ignite CDA are all known to each other and meet regularly.   And given that many KH Foundation Rotarian-RINOs are investors and developers, this creates tremendous potential for insider dealing. Who benefits from such aggressive growth?   It’s pretty obvious.

    But the situation is far worse when one considers what just happened.   It is not unusual for an elected board, whose members include Rotarian-RINO “insiders” to pass on favors to their cronies on related agencies or foundations. In Crony-Capitalists of NIC, for example, we discuss the nefarious activities of the NIC Foundation

    But when a Board of Trustees that includes members of a private, exclusive club, passes off permanent control of a billion-dollar, publically funded medical center to a Foundation which is also dominated by members of the same private club, the alarm bells should be ringing from every station.  

    The Rotarian-RINOS on the KH Board of Trustees just handed over Kootenai Health to a Rotarian-RINO dominated Foundation.  This is flagrant cronyism and a staggering conflict of Interest.  Everyone Knew and No One Said A Word.   Which shows exactly how much Rotarians really care about ethical and transparent government.


    Another problem specifically related to KH and the Rotarian-RINO Cartel has to do with the ROTARIAN involvement in CDA’s Health Corridor Urban Renewal Plan.   Kootenai Health is the anchor institution in a globalist plan to use tax-payer funds to “redevelop” a huge portion of central CDA.    Ignite CDA has “re-visioned” the area surrounding Kootenai Health as a densely populated, boxy, “sustainable”, “equitable”, “walkable” “urban village” complete with “mixed use development”, “transportation solutions”, “workforce housing”, and professionally landscaped “gathering areas.”  A Globalist Trifecta:  Socialized medicine, socialized housing for low-paid healthcare workers, and ever-expanding social services for a captive population of car-less, property-less,  serfs.   Yes, we know: Smart Growth

    IGNITE CDA’s Health Corridor plan was produced entirely by unelected, unaccountable, globalist developers who plan to cash in on the coming government subsidized building frenzy.   Specifically, the original plan was produced by the Urban Land Institute, an international organization that plans and advocates for "Agenda 21” style “Sustainable” development

    We highly recommend that every Kootenai citizen concerned about over-development, dystopian “place-making”, and oligarchical tyranny read IGNITE’s vision for the CDA Health Corridor.  It's so awful it deserves a dedicated article, but the basic plan is as follows: 

    Naturally the RINO-ROTARIAN Cabal is well-represented on every Board and Committee behind the Health Corridor, from Ignite CDA, to CDA 2030, to the Urban Land Institute that put forth the original plan.  The KH Foundation is only one of the many unelected, unaccountable agencies behind the Heath Corridor, and all need to be exposed, discredited, and dis-established.   


    If a vastly expanded Kootenai Health conglomerate is not the answer to our health care woes, then what is?  The first step towards reforming, or at least working around the perverse medical system in the United States is to realize how deep the rot goes.   The goal should not be to return American healthcare to its “pre-Obamacare” state of disfunction, but to look back further,—much further—, to a time before the pharmaceutical and insurance cartels, and the corrupt “Foundations” that control them, hijacked entire system.

    Hopefully the whole COVID/Vaccine/Medical Misinformation Crisis of the last few years has awakened many Americans to how deeply and unimaginably corrupt the whole American Medical system is.  But how deep, and how far back does the Rot Go?

    Much further than most people think.   The Rockefeller Foundation was founded in 1913, and a huge amount of the corruption in the American medical system can be traced directly to this one, utterly diabolical network.  Over seventy years ago Dr. E. M. Josephson, wrote a book exposing the harm the Rockefeller Foundation HAD ALREADY DONE to the U.S. Medical system, and it still a shocking read. 

    The initial problems that Josephson identified had nothing to do with socialized medicine, or even corrupt drug companies.  It was the creation of an entirely corrupt system of “credentialization” and official medical “authorities”.   By establishing themselves up as medical experts a small group of “insiders” and their media lapdogs, all backed by Rockefeller’s millions, were able to convince Americans that their "insider"-controlled agencies, such as the A.M.A. (American Medical Association) , F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration), and A.C.S. (American Cancer Society), were legitimate authorities.  

    Using their entirely illegitimate authority over healthcare, a small group of medical professions, in the pay of the Rockefellers was able to rebrand homeopathic medical practitioners as “quacks”, and suppress natural cures, inexpensive therapies, and traditional medicines.   

    The fake “Rockefeller-funded” authorities, then worked to take control of the credentialization of  “Medical Schools” and was eventually able to impose a monopoly over medical education and licensing.   Once the Rockefellers had firmly established their system as the oracle of “modern medicine”, they were in a position to monopolize, regulate, and if needed, suppress, all subsequent medical technology and treatments.  Rockefeller money was also behind the pharmaceutical and insurance cartels that now control “modern medicine”.   

    Why is this important?  For three reasons.   First, to understand how thoroughly corrupt the modern Medical Industrial Complex is.  Secondly, to help show why Kootenai citizens are best served by a variety of independent health care providers, rather than a monopolistic and corrupted hospital system. And finally, to help show how our modern, over-regulated, federalized system of drug-based medicine can be worked around until it can be dismantled altogether.  

    The whole thrust of KH’s move toward rapid growth, socialized medicine, centralized control, and suppression of local accountability is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the direction that health care should be going, Kootenai Health’s Vision 2030 is a nightmare and IGNITE’s Health Corridor is a concentration camp

    Kootenai Health is all-aboard the Socialized medicine Train.  Its business model is to provide "free" healthcare for serfs, not health services for free people.   It needs to be stopped in its tracks.


    Fixing the corrupt modern Health Care system means dismantling much of the federalized system and deregulating the medicines, technology, and therapies that independent health care providers could use to decentralize and revolutionize healthcare.  Hospitals will always be needed but they should not be captive to giant, impersonal, unaccountable corporations, whether “for-profit” or “non-profit.”  Distributed networks of independent providers is the way of the future for healthcare freedom; not further consolidation.  

     Obviously, there are many good people in the current medical system, and much excellent technology.   Pieces of the system can be saved and control can return to local providers, but the whole system of federal funding and regulation of the Monstrous Rockefeller Medical Cartel needs to be dismantled.   

    The corporations and special interests who have built up the Medical Industrial Complex have a vision of monopolized medicine that they have worked towards for decades.  And in order to escape from their medical tyranny we also need a vision of true medical freedom.   And this means educating ourselves about the true history of modern medicine and about natural and non-invasive health care alternatives.

    Fortunately there are already some pieces in place.  For example, Natural News and Children’s Health Defense are excellent news sources; there are national directories of naturopathic providers, and locally,  Heart of Hope Health is working to establish an alternative health care network.  

    Unfortunately, there are many people that have limited options for health care services, but when those of us who do have a choice, choose, it should be for independent, holistic, health care service providers.  Only by adopting a new paradigm for healthcare that depends on independent providers, not “federal” authority, will we ever have medical freedom.







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