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    Fellowship of the Stakeholders I: RINOs and Rotarians

    Kootenai County has been run by a wealthy group of powerful stakeholders for decades, but only recently have most citizens woken up to the disastrous consequences of their corrupt and self-serving rule.   In order to return control of our political system into the hands of those who work for the good of the citizens instead of already-wealthy investors and developers, we need to identify their perfidious proxies in our midst, but how?  

    Introducing the "North Idaho Republicans"

    Fortunately things just got easier. The seventy-eight community leaders who recently formed the North Idaho Republicans have signed their names to a public statement opposing KCRCC and attempted to split the party.  And by identifying themselves, they have made their intentions, methods, and true allegiences crystal clear. In a few hours of research we were able to find essential facts about almost all of these community leaders, and the information gleaned is very illuminating!.

    Talk is cheap. Anyone can wave flags, and praise small government, the constitution, and gun rights.  It is much harder to disguise one's livelihood and associations, expecially when one has been active in public life. So instead of listening to what these community leaders say, we decided to find out: Who are these people?   What do they do for a living.   Who do they associate with?  An instructive breakdown of the professional associations of the self-identified "North Idaho Republicans" follows:

    • 5 Associates of CDA Resort
    • 15 Bankers, Investors, and Finance 
    • 13 Development, Real Estate, and Utilities
    • 8 Land, Lumber, and Mining Industry 
    • 20 Politicians, Gov. Admins, Public Safety
    • 8 Health and Education 
    • 11 Other occupations or unknown.


    These figures are not precise, since many in the group are professionally active in more than one category. Even so, it is a shockingly lop-sided group, consisting mostly of people in professions that directly benefit from rapid growth and development.  The correlation is so striking that it is temping to believe that we have identified the Republican wing of the elusive Kootenai "stakeholder"party.  But there is more!

    Just as intersting as NIR's professional networks are their civic associations. Public figures, especially noteably wealthy public figures, often find it convenient to be public philanthropists. Bankers, developers, and corporate titans usually want to be known as generous benefactors who "give back to the community", rather than as power mongers. They therefore sit on the boards of various foundations and make substantial gifts to charities, always making sure their generosity is duly recognized.

    With this in mind, let's look at a few of the favorite civic associations of this elite group. The sources used to gather this information were irregular, but certain patterns are unmistakable.

    • 30 Rotary International Club
    • 12 CDA Economic Development Corp (CDAEDC)  (Jobs Plus)
    • 14 Chamber of Commerce
    • 7 Kootenai Health Foundation
    • 5 Soroptimist (International Women Only)
    • 4 CASA, 5 other Vulnerable Children's Charities


    The Rotarian Circle of Influence

    The hands-down winner for ersatz "stakeholder" philanthropy appears to be the Rotary Club. This seems to be the go-to civic association for aspiring Politicos and Influence Peddlers. A hundred years ago, Freemasonry served this purpose but now openly identifying with Hiram's henchmen comes with too much baggage. The Rotarians solved this problem by dispensing with Freemasonry's problematic oaths and dubious reputation; while keeping the solemn pretentions of "service to humanity", the hierarhical structure, the international outlook, and the fake philanthropy.

    The reason the Rotary Club resembles Freemasonry in so many obvious ways, is that it was founded by Freemasons and has been joined at the hip since day one. The Rotary Club is Freemasonry-lite; dumbed-down for modern aspirants and ambitious minions who don't know history.

    "Rotary International is a humanitarian organization which brings together business and professional leaders to provide community service, promote integrity, and advance goodwill, peace, and understanding in the world. It is a non-political and non-religious organization."

    The above sentence from the Rotary Handbook describes the way the organization presents itself to the public and to the lower echelons. But like all organizations of this type, it's merely a front. The real purpose of the Rotary Club is to provide a vehicle for a wealthy, "international" insiders to recruit community leaders as minions. Rotarians preach inclusivity but are really exclusive. They preach integrity, but are deeply corrupt. They preach service, but work mainly to enrich and empower themselves and their agents. They claim to be "non-political" and "non-religious", but what that really means is that Rotarians of all stripes are expected to sacrifice their principles to promote whatever terms of peace and understanding is favored by an anonymous, unelected, unaccountable, and deceitful "international" association. Take nothing the Rotarian leadership or its agents say at face value!!!

    Bear in mind that this list of 30 confirmed Rotarians out of a group of 78 founders is a minimum figure and that almost all Rotarians are involved with other civic groups, foundations, and non profits. Many local organizations are over-run with Rotarians and interlinked: CdAEDC, CDA2030, the Boys and Girls Clubs, the NIC and KH Foundations, the CDA Chamber of Commerce and many others. 

    What to do? 

    We are grateful to these elusive intriguers for outing themselves and their entire network of insidious influence and misplaced loyalties. Their activites have provided the "proof" needed to summarily dismiss the whole RINO/Rotarian wing of the Republican party and all that it represents.  Every candidate who has "N.I. Republican" or "Rotarian" on his resume should be rejected from consideration for public offices and commisions.  Some Rotarians are innnocent bystanders, of course.   This type of group always includes some people who merely happened upon what they thought was an upstanding civic group. But it's no use tryng to exonerate the innocent. No one is entitled to public office, and the worst among them are the best liars.

    It may take years to dismantle the rotten political infrastructure that these scoundrels have built for themselves.  In the mean time we should attempt to limit growth as much as possible, at least until we have a better system for managing it in place.  It would not be difficult to design a system that was better for both current and future residents once laws written to favor corporate investors are rescinded. 

    I've discussed what organic, bottom up growth might look like here, and here, and will do so in more detail later.  But in fact, any system that was not designed, controlled, and operated for the benefit of an already fantastically wealthy cult of globalist "stakeholders" would be better than the one we have.  Yes, Kootenai should grow. Yes, more homes, roads, and sewers should be built. Just not under the watch of the current administration.

    RINOs and Rotarians

    There are a little over 400 active Rotarians in Kootenai county, (of approx 170K residents), yet a third of NIR is Rotarian and many more are close associates.   The "community consensus" they try to project is entirely fake.  It is screamingly obvious who these people really represent and it is not the people of Kootenai county.

    Hagedone Associates

    • John Barlow — Hagadone Corporation Project Manager, since 1979.
    • Bill Reagan — Genearal Manager of Hagadone's CDA Resort
    • Steve Widmyer — Former Mayor of CDA, Owns dozens of properties in CDA, CDA Urban Renewal, Former Controller of Hagadone Empire, Rotary Club.
    • Bob Burton — Manager, Hagadone Directories, Attorney, First District Judge;  Rotary Club.
    • John Young — Young Construction; Hayden Urban Renewal; NIC Foundation, Rotary Club, CDA Chamber, CDAEDC, Kootenai Health Foundation, Hospice of NI, Excel Foundation, CASA, Children's Village,  etc. . .


    Banking, Finance

    • Mic Armon — Stiffel Financial Advisors;  NIC Trustee, U of I LASR Board,CDA Chamber, Rotary Club.
    • Katie Brodie — Inland Northwest Bank, Special Assistant to Gov. Butch Otter, KC Commissioner,   Hayden Lake CouncilKootenai Health Trustee
    • Dave Bobbitt — Retired from 40 year career in banking. On boards of many regional banking, business commisisions;  Kootenai Health Trustee, Kootenai Electic boards, PF Chamber, CDA Chamber, Fair board, BLM, Idaho Fish and Game Commission
    • Brad Corkill — Bank of Cda Board, Rotary Club, Owner, Whiteman Lumber, NIC Trustee, Idaho Fish & Game
    • Len Crosby — Financial and Real Estate Consulting, First Interstate Bank, Rotary Club, Boys & Girls Clubs.
    • Jame Davis — Sales Director, Intermax Networks,  CdAEDC, PF Chamber, PF Urban Renewal, Idaho Public Televisin. 
    • Ryan Davis — Dir, Bank of CDA; Post Falls P/Z Chairman, Boys & Girls Club, Rotary Club.
    • Steve Griffitts — V.P. Mountain West Bank,Mayor of Hayden; Rotary Club, CdaEDC, KH Board. 
    • Dee (Ed) Jameson — Jameson Mortgage,  CDA Chamber, Pres.  Idaho Association of Realtors, Permanent Building Fund Advisory Council.
    • Lonne Jordahl — President, Mountain West Bank, V.P. Idaho Independent Bank
    • Sandy Patano — Bank of CDA Board; Kroc Center, Rotary Club, Political Consultant
    • Rich Piazza — Wealth Management Advisor, KC Commissioner, KETC, CdAEDC, Susan Komen Foundation, NRA.
    • Jim Pierce — Manager, Title One, V.P. of Commercial Lending, Washington Trust; CDA Chamber, EXCEL Foundation, Rotary Club, Truman Scholar.
    • Susan DuBois — District Manager, U.S. Bank, CDA Chamber, United Way
    • Jack Beebe — Chairman of Idaho Housing and Finance Association, Real Estate
    • Chuck Anderson — Mortgage Broker, CDA Chamber.


    Real Estate, Construction, Developers, Utilities

    • Evalyn Adams — NIBCA, KC Commissioner; Tubbs Hill Foundation, CAP, Heart of the City Church
    • Chris Cheeley — A Thousand Hills LLC., (multifamily developoment), Phones Plus Inc.; Eternal Hope Minstry, Union Gospel Mission, Rotary Club.
    • Jim Coleman — President, Coleman Engineering, Hayden; ITD Board Board, J-U-B Engineers; Rotary Club
    • Art Elliott — Building Contractor, Owner Shelter Associates, Inc.
    • Dean Haagenson — Construction Company executive, Realtor, President of Contractors Northwest Inc., Idaho Representative. Rotary Club, CdAEDC, CDA Chamber
    • Greg Gfeller — Director, Avista, Post Falls Urban Renewal, Kootenai P/Z, Selkirk Mountain Aero LLC
    • Pat Krug — Realtor, Windemere, Home Construction, Land Development;  KTEC, Big Brothers/Sisters, United Way, Soroptimist
    • Pepper Smock — Windermere. Windermere Foundation. CDA Library Association, Safety Net Inland NW.
    • Tom Torgerson — Real Estate Agent, Beutler and Associates
    • Ed Morse — Businessman, Real Estate consultant. Idaho Appraisal Board, Idaho Representative.
    • Don Pischner — Accountant for H.F. Magnuson, Inland Asphalt co., Idaho Representative, Idaho Historical Society
    • Pat Whalen — VP and CTO of Intermax network, CDA, Boys and Girls Clubs, Rotary Club.
    • Brenda Bookholtz — COO and CFO for Smith and Malek; Intermax Networks (Fiber), Rotary Club, CdaEDC.


    Land, Lumber, Mining, Natural Resources, Airports

    • Bruce Cyr — Chairman, Jacklin Land Co. Central Pre-Mix, Old Castle Northwest, Commerce Park, County Land owner, Rotary Club, CdaEDC, NIBCA, Kootenai Perspectives.
    • Greg Delavan — Airport Director, Realtor at Windermere, Lakeshore Property Owners Assn; RNGIP. 
    • Joe Dobson — Co-owner of the Dobson-Rossi ranch at Hayden Lake, raises cattle, leases federal land, Schneidmiller Realty; Beef Council, Involved in 4-H
    • Tim Komberec — CEO of Empire Airlines. Regional Airline Association, NIC Foundation, Idaho Economic Advisory Council.
    • Dr. Jack Riggs — Founder, Immediate Care Center, Pita Pit Corp, JaxLand, JaxGroup Real Estate: State Senator, Lieutenant GovernorRotary Club
    • Luke Russell — V.P. Hecla Mining Co., CDA Mines Corporation; Rotary Club
    • Tom Stoeser — CEO of Jacklin Land and Investments, Bighorn Ventures LLC. On Brad Little's transition team.


    Politics, Elective Office, Lawyers, Advisors

    • Pierce Clegg KC Sheriff; 4-H and North Idaho Fair and Rodeo Foundation.
    • Rick Currie KC Commissioner;  Lake City Senior Center, CdAEDC, Panhandle Area Council, CDA Chamber, American Legion, Elks Club
    • Marge Chadderdon Idaho Rep., Council Member Fernan Village, Great Floors, owner; Kootenai County Fair Board, Children's Village Foundation, Soroptomists
    • Freeman Duncan Idaho Rep., Lawyer, Idaho Hall of Fame,
    • Kim Edmondson — Worked in Sherrif's office for 28. Unsuccessful candidate for Sherrif in 2020.  Rotary Club, Soroptomist
    • Peter Erbland — Lake City Law Group LLC, represents individuals, businesses, insurance and government agencies.  
    • Dan Green KC Commissioner, Lumber business, Land Use, Kootenai P/Z. 
    • John Goedde Idaho Sen., President Panhandle Insurance, CDA School Board, Senate Education Committee
    • Luke Malek Idaho Rep., Attorney, Heritage Health, Post Falls Urban Renewal, CdAEDC, Regional Director under Gov. Risch.
    • Cathy Malzahn — Human Resources Director at Spokane County
    • Tom Malzahn KC Treasurer, U.S. Marine Corps, North Idaho Behavioral Health, Rotary Club
    • Ron McIntire Mayor of Hayden, Super One, Owner; CDA Chamber, KH Foundation, Smart Growth
    • Mike McDowell KC Assessor, CDA Council Member, Idaho Association of Counties, Kiwanis Club, Knights of Columbus, St. Vincent de Paul
    • Sid Smith — Staff of U.S. Senators Larry Craig and Jim Risch. Expertise in mining, logging, public lands.
    • Laurie Thomas — Deputy KC Treasurer for 20 years. Formerly regional director for U.S. Senator Larry Craig. Rotary Club, CASA chair.
    • Todd Tondee KC Commissioner, PF Council Member, owned Used Car Lot, former libertarian; advocated Slow Growth.
    • Rocky Watson KC Sheriff.
    • Ben WolfingerKC Sherrif; CASA, Safe Passage, Crisis Center, Union Gospel, Hospice of North Spokane, Rotary Club.


    Health, Education, Non-profits

    • Midge Smock — Union Gospel Mission (women and children), Foster care, CASA (Advocates for abused children).
    • Jim Faucher — Professional fundraiser, clients include: Humane Society, Museum of N.I., Vincent de Paul, Idaho Youth Ranch, CDA Chamber, Kroc Center, Rotary Club
    • Cindy Haagenson — Teacher at CDA High; DECA student clubs, PEO Sisterhood, U of I foundation
    • Bill Ganz — Neurosurgeon from Kootenai Health
    • Pam Houser — Director of Heritage Health; CDA, Post Falls, Hayden Chamber, CdAEDC, Rotary Club, Soroptimist Club.
    • Lora Whalen — Director of Panhandle Health District; Rotray Club
    • Eve Knudtsen — Principle, Knudtsen Chevrolet, PF Chamber,CdAEDC, Soroptimists, KTEC.


    Other Fields

    • Ralph Nelson — CPA, Rotary Club, CDA Library Board
    • Hank Martin — Core Accounting, CPA, Coeur d'Alene Club, Rotary Club
    • Steve Roberge — District Manager, Waste Management of Idaho, Dalton Gardens City Council. Rotary Club
    • Jordy Patano-Power — Director, Pita-Pit; Rotary Club


    Insufficient Information Available

    • Ruth Gfeller, Deb Russel, Mary Watson, Don Johnston,  Terri White Goedde, Laura Jordhal, Lois Johnson. 

    Note: The above information was gathered quickly from a variety of sources, and links have been provided.  Not all the information may be up to date,  or accurate.  The importance of the information, however, is in the aggragate, not in the details of individual persons.

    This is Part I of a Three Part Series on Stakeholders and their Minions in Kootenai County:

    Fellowship of the Stakeholders II: Freemasons and Rotarians 

    Fellowship of the Stakeholders III: The Rotarian Oligarchy



    T B says (May 3, 2022):

    This article makes you sound jealous of other Republicans and their wealth. You also sound jealous of Rotarians who do good for our community. It sounds like you are closed to others opinions. This is a capitalist society and a free country. I thought this is exactly what you want.


    SJ says (May 3, 2022):


    SD says (Jul 18, 2023):

    Ed Morse was promoted but Matt Roetter, Duane Rasmussen and Laura Gervais as a write in candidate against Phil Hart. What about the local Greene Group Foundation with national ties?

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